Asset Management and Education Compliance - The More You Know

Using Barcode Technology For Education Grant Compliance Innocent mistakes and minor thefts can often add up to big losses. An investigation by CBS in Philadelphia uncovered $88,000 in missing equip

Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Brand

When over 75% of all online users are on social media, your small-to-medium sized business can choose to utilize media marketing tactics for your advantage or simply slip through the crack and miss

How Barcodes Are Revolutionizing Consumer Nutrition

If you’ve been to the grocery store, you’re familiar with 1D barcodes: They’re the pattern of vertical bars and spaces that represent a numerical code, which in turn corresponds to a file in the sto

Is Your Business Tracking these 6 KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are benchmarks that help identify growth areas within your business. In other words, they’re basically the gages that tell you how your operations are functioning.

Learning 3 New Reasons to Improve Asset Management

A place of education is responsible for providing students with the lessons they need in order to learn and improve academic intelligence. A place of education, just like any other organisation, is

Making Inventory Markdowns Work For Your Small Business

Customers of all types look forward to seasonal clearances. Why wouldn't they? The drastic markdowns save them a lot of money.  In fact, I walked into my local dollar store and noticed it still had

Four Things You MUST Think About Before a Disaster Strikes Your Business

Remember that time when the tornado sirens were blaring and you didn’t take cover? Why was that? Did you think the odds were in your favor and it wouldn’t happen to you? Hopefully, you were right

Keeping Up With Your Competitors: Small Businesses Can Rock Omnichannel

Small businesses are known for the hometown feel and personal experience. That is very important to building relationships and a loyal customer base. To keep up with larger competitors, creating an

8 Characteristics of a Celebrated Manager

The type of manager at Apple won’t necessarily lead their team in the same manor as a manager at McDonald’s. However, in order for both of them to become celebrated managers, there are specific quali

5 Mistakes Bridal Shop Owners Make and How to Fix Them

As sunlight streams through the stained glass windows, the wedding march sounds from the organ loft on this perfect day. It’s THE day. Family and friends fill the church pews; they stand in unison a

When Big Data is Too Big: Making Your Analytic Numbers Count

You’ve probably heard the buzz phrase “big data” tossed around quite often in business circles. So much that perhaps you’ve kind of tuned it out. You likely have some sort of tracking systems in pla

What Happens When UK Consumers Don't Download Retail Apps

In the United Kingdom, 59% of consumers who use smartphones are not downloading retail apps since the apps don’t align with the in-store and website shopping experience. As stated in a Forbes articl

10 Tips For Welcoming New Employees

As any good business knows, the task of filling a job opening involves more than just hiring a candidate and slotting them into the company framework. The hiring process is just the first step; the

10 Ways to Motivate Employees

Successful businesses are the product of customer and employee satisfaction. There are many other factors that determine an organisation’s overall success and even specific reasons as to why small b

Benefits of Using a Smart Phone as a Barcode Scanner

As consumers, we rarely think about barcodes as anything more than the series of lines and spaces on the items we bring to the checkout counter. At most, perhaps we note how much quicker and more ef

The Indy 500: The Greatest Spectacle in Inventory Control

The 500 Days of May The Indianapolis 500 is one of America’s biggest sporting events, and this day of racing reckoning is important not just to racing fans, but to drivers, pit crews, vendors and eve

Bankrupt: 3 Takeaways From the Demise of Oreck

Oreck failed to grow with changing consumer trends which allowed competitors to earn a large share of the market.  The Oreck family lost more than their family business in the summer of 2013 when th

3 Important Efficiencies in the Workplace

Sometimes 24 hours just isn’t enough time to accomplish everything we set out to do in the day. Subtract the 16 hours set aside for sleeping, eating, resting, etc. and you’re left with the standard

Keeping Up With The Competitors: With Small Business, It’s Personal

As a small business owner, it’s all too easy to look at your larger counterparts and wonder how you can possibly compete. Whatever industry you are in, don’t be discouraged by the deep pockets of th

What To Look For In Asset Management Software

If it’s valuable to your business, you better know where it is and how it’s doing. Asset management software is designed to help organizations efficiently track and maintain the resources and prope

6 Reasons Excel Doesn’t Work For Stockroom Management

Managing your stockroom efficiently is crucial to the long term success of your company, and companies in the UK can use all the help they can get. By one estimate, as many as 50% of UK businesses f

Look For These 7 User-Friendly Features In Asset Management Software

Asset management practices and tools have evolved as technology has evolved. Years ago, people had only Excel or some other spreadsheet to track their assets, but the information was always outdated

Does Your Customer Service Have The “Wow” Factor?

“You just can’t get good service anymore.” Those are words you don’t want to hear your customers grumbling under their breath after doing business with your company. Poorly trained employees, lack

How Human Error Effects Manual Inventory Management

People make mistakes. It happens because we are all human. However, when inventory management errors continuously occur across your operations, they will cost you significantly in the long run. In so

How to Wow Your Customers

How to “Wow” Your Customers “The distinctive appeal that an object or behavior has on others.” “A set of properties belonging to an object that pleasantly surprises a watcher.” “A striking or impress

6 Inventory Management Best Practices

As a small business owner, you naturally have a lot of capital invested in inventory. While your products are the primary source of sales and revenue, they can also tie up a lot of cash if your busin

5 Reasons Biometric Time Clocks are Worth the Investment

Once the stuff of science fiction, biometric time clocks are now becoming standard for growing businesses that require a more comprehensive time and attendance system. Biometric technology utilizes

Asset Management On The Move

Asset Management On The Move One city filled with over one million residents makes Dallas, TX the 9th largest city in the United States. The City of Dallas’ Department of Intergovernmental Services i

The Impact of Analytics on Your Business

“The ability to predict future business trends with reasonable accuracy will be one of the crucial competitive advantages of this new decade,” SAS CEO Jim Goodnight recently blogged. “And you won't b

5 Ways to Attract Repeat Customers

How to Keep Customers Coming Back! You might call them, clients, or patients, or even students, whatever the name, no matter what you do, you can’t do it without customers. These are the people who

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