Customer Success: All About Kids Pediatrics

"Since much of our day is providing for well-patients, we need to keep thorough records, track vaccinations and ensure the process is safe and efficient. We can’t waste our time combing through paperwork."
- Pat Cassidy, All About Kids Pediatrics
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The Client

All About Kids Pediatrics

All About Kids Pediatrics is a healthcare service provider of newborns and children up to 18 years of age. Established in 2007, two physicians and five nurses see an average of 80 to 100 children every day. Protecting patient safety and delivering care efficiently are top priorities. Since many of its patients seek preventive services like vaccinations, the All About Kids staff spends considerable time documenting the care they provide.

“Before the FDA required the healthcare industry to incorporate barcodes, documenting and tracking took hours,” said Pat Cassidy, Front Office Manager at All About Kids Pediatrics. “Since much of our day is providing for well-patients, we need to keep thorough records, track vaccinations and ensure the process is safe and efficient. We can’t waste our time combing through paperwork.”

The Challenge

Extensive reporting requirements accompany the administration of medication, particularly in the pediatric setting. All About Kids Pediatrics needed a way to deliver healthcare more efficiently to patients while consistently exceeding expectations for patient safety, HIPAA and compliance obligations.

Medication Administration Made Easy

All About Kids Pediatrics utilizes Wasp's healthcare barcode scanner with state-of-the-art barcode scanning technology and Microban Antimicrobial protection. While many antimicrobial devices are simply coated with a protective film that could wear off and encourage bacterial growth, the built-in Microban® protection in Wasp's barcode scanner will not wear off; it safely withstands daily cleaning in a harsh healthcare environment.

The FDA has mandated the presence of AIDC technology in medication administration, but barcode quality is not regulated. Error factors like poor contrast, reflectance, modulation and other quality specifications are heightened in this pediatric healthcare setting. Thankfully, the healthcare barcode scanner from Wasp makes a moot point of this regulatory ambiguity. Its powerful digital imager scan engine reads barcode data from nearly two feet away - allowing staff the freedom to care for more patients with less interruption.

The Solution

Wasp Barcode Technologies Helps Pediatric Healthcare Provider Protect Patient Safety

All About Kids Pediatrics implemented Wasp Barcode scanning solutions and immediately benefited from the digital makeover. The use of barcode technology in medication administration has reduced All About Kids’ medication administration documentation time by 50%.

“In my previous experience, it took a long time to track the lot number of the vaccine, the company from which it came, its expiration date, the place on the body the shot was given, name of the staff member who was giving the shot, paperwork provided to patient and parent signature – it could take up to 30 minutes to give one shot,” said Cassidy. Now, nurses can complete the process in three quick scans: the barcode on the vial, their I.D., and the patient’s paperwork.

The Result

Preparing for the Future of Care Delivery

All About Kids sets the industry pace for preparedness when it comes to healthcare IT.

“For over five years we have used Wasp’s barcode scanners because they are just so easy to use and eliminate paperwork entirely,” said Cassidy.

The results speak for themselves. Since implementing Wasp's barcode scanning solutions, we have increased the efficiency of our average patient encounter documentation process from 30 minutes prior to implementation, to 10 seconds now. We also enjoy being able to provide 99.5% faster service with 100% accuracy.

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