Customer Success: Lovin' Spoonfuls

"Our employees are just happy to have a system that works all of the time. We would definitely recommend Wasp and InventoryCloud and already have to others in our industry."
- Sean Ahern, Operations Manager, Lovin' Spoonfuls
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The Client

Lovin' Spoonfuls

Established in 2010, Lovin’ Spoonfuls is a food rescue and distribution non-profit based in Boston, Massachusetts. Food rescue is an innovative way to make use of nutritious foods that would otherwise be discarded. The non-profit salvages these foods from area grocery stores, wholesalers and farmers markets that deem these foods “unsellable,” typically due to appearance, bruising or nearing sell-by date.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ invaluable community service delivers rescued foods to over 140 non-profit partners in nearly 40 cities and towns across Eastern Massachusetts. Through their efforts, partnering homeless shelters, crisis centers, food pantries, after-school programs, veterans’ service agencies and senior centers are able to feed around 30,000 individuals in a single week.

The Challenge

Lovin’ Spoonfuls operates six refrigerated trucks that pick up and deliver food to partnering locations. Sean Ahern, operations manager for Lovin’ Spoonfuls, said, “We need to accurately track around 500 transactions a day without having access to Wi-Fi at each stop.” Unfortunately, the organization’s inventory management system was unreliable. “It was causing long delays in the field as well as a lot of frustration for the employees using it,” said Ahern. “We needed to find a better option."

The Solution

Ahern knew he needed a better inventory management system. The system needed to be accurate, easy to use and most of all, reliable. After doing some research he found InventoryCloud from Wasp Barcode Technologies.

Easy to Implement

With InventoryCloud, Lovin’ Spoonfuls could accurately and seamlessly track all foods picked up in each refrigerated truck. Tracking with InventoryCloud was simple to do for each mobile truck driver, even without Wi-Fi. “We all liked the consistency of InventoryCloud,” Ahern stated. “It is always reliable.”

Easy to Onboard

The Lovin’ Spoonfuls team attended an InventoryCloud web-based training and gained additional onboard assistance with a training follow-up call. “We were very impressed with the great service we received from Wasp training and support,” shared Ahern. “All of our questions were answered.”

Easy to Use

“Our employees are just happy to have a system that works all of the time,” said Ahern. “We would definitely recommend Wasp and InventoryCloud and already have to others in our industry.”

The Result

InventoryCloud has saved Lovin’ Spoonfuls hours of time each month. More importantly, for the organization’s field employees, Wasp's inventory management system has alleviated the constant frustration of attempting to manage inventory in an unreliable and inaccurate system.

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