Customer Success: NickyNicole

"I not only know what vendor is doing well, but also what styles, color and sizes are strong sales. This takes out all the guesswork."
- MJ Lehman, Owner, NickyNicole
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The Client


NickyNicole, a children’s fashion store located in Hudson, Ohio, has only been open a year, but already business is solid. Specializing in clothing, jewelry and gift items for young girls between the ages of 4-14, NickyNicole is quickly emerging into the fashion scene. Founder and owner, MJ Lehman, previously the senior vice president of a major retail chain, brings 21 years of retail experience to the store. It is this business expertise that gave Lehman the edge when it came to establishing a solid operational system for her new store. Lehman wanted her store to not only offer great styles but also superior retail management that would insure customer satisfaction. This complement of smart fashion and business technology makes NickyNicole a great place to shop.

The Challenge

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, but MJ Lehman did the research, and decided long before the store opened that she would use the latest technology to give her an operational advantage. “ I knew that while I wanted to start my own business, I did not want it to control me. I wanted to know what sells and what doesn’t without having to be behind the register all day,” said Lehman. Moreover, in the highly competitive retail industry, a crucial component of success lies in understanding the customers and stocking the store to fit their lifestyles.

To accomplish this takes accurate tracking of inventory sales not only by item, but also by vendor, color, and size. Lehman’s goal from the start was to establish a data-driven based operating system that could accurately track buying and selling. “Even if I am away from the store for a few days, I want to be able to walk in and see what sold, what is in stock, and what I need to order and from whom. And I want all this information without having to walk the store or search the Rolodex,” said Lehman. The challenge was finding a cost efficient and easy to use system that would meet the needs of this new specialty store.

The Solution

To find an inventory control system that would integrate easily into the retail check out process, Lehman turned to a reliable source; a colleague in the industry. This associate recommended Wasp's POS software, which he used in his store, because it includes everything needed to control inventory, conduct sales and manage the customized requirements of a retail business.

Wasp's point-of-sale software bundle equipped NickyNicole children’s store with everything from POS keyboards with credit card readers, to barcode printers and scanners. “Right away, I was amazed at the support tools this system offered. I created a database of all the vendors, and entered each item as it was unpacked. Printing the barcode labels took only seconds and I was able to make three types of label designs to fit the jewelry, gift and clothing categories,” said Lehman. What this establishes is the ability to keep track of what is selling, and allows Lehman to make the proper business decisions when it comes to new orders. “I not only know what vendor is doing well, but also what styles, color and sizes are strong sales. This takes out all the guesswork,’ Lehman said.

In addition, the combination of this detailed data capture system and a clearly labeled inventory guarantees that every sale is professional and error free. This enables NickyNicole to increase productivity by eliminating the need for paper files, handwritten data information, and manual register entries. Moreover, with detailed inventory data reports, Lehman will not have to worry about lost inventory or stock-outs. With the Wasp POS system, tracking inventory and managing sales at NickyNicole is simple.

The Result

Wasp's POS software gives this small business access to the same technology that allows the larger, higher-volume retailers to quickly and accurately manage transactions. This complete business management system gives Lehman total control of her store from the sales registers to the stock room and every step in between. Lehman realizes that to compete and prosper in the competitive retail market, she needs to understand not only fashion trends but also today’s latest technological business advances. Wasp's POS and NickyNicole – a perfect fit.

Wasp's POS Software Helps NickyNicole:
- Keep tabs on which items are selling fast and which aren’t moving
- Track vendor sales success
- Forecast needs and identify trends pertinent to operations

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