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WRS100SBR 1D Ring Barcode Scanner


Wasp WRS100SBR 1D Ring Barcode Scanner

The Wasp WRS100SBR 1D ring barcode scanner with built-in wireless data transfer technology, can send data to the host up to 10 meters away. This wearable lightweight wireless 1D barcode scanner enables hands-free scanning for mobile operators who work with laptops, tablets, smart phones or other mobile devices with iOS®, Android® and Windows®.

The double strap design allows mobile operators to wear on either their right or left hand for long periods of time, and provide the user freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks comfortably while keeping both hands free. The dual touch activated buttons can reduce working interference and increase operators' satisfaction.

The Wasp WRS100SBR 1D ring barcode scanner is designed to enable users to quickly capture any 1D barcode data in either printed or on-screen (LCD) format. Built with power saving technology, the WRS100SBR ring scanner can help user to operate around the clock with less downtime ensuring mobile productivity during the entire busy shift for more than 8 working hours.


  • Quickly capture any 1D barcode data in either printed or on-screen (LCD) format.
  • Built-in memory of 2MB, ring scanner can store up to 20,000 data scanned in user-friendly file format
  • Compact form factor withstands multiple 5’ drops to concrete
  • Wireless connectivity allows for up to 33’ line of sight from a mobile device
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices, including iPhone®, or iPad®


  • Simplify business processes while improving accuracy and efficiency
  • Maximize productivity by providing the freedom to roam without the tangle of cords
  • Eliminate data entry errors and save time
  • SBR (Screen Barcode Readable) laser scanner is equipped for either printed or on-screen (LCD) barcodes.
  • Easily integrate with Android™ and iOS® devices

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