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WaspLabeler & Barcode Maker for Office©


Wasplabeler & Barcode Maker for Office Software

WaspLabeler & Barcode Maker for Office is a complete solution for designing, generating, and printing barcodes and barcode labels while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office® applications. An all-in-one solution enables you to have a powerful and robust tool at your fingertips, eliminating the need to purchase additional software.

Easily create and print 1D and 2D barcode labels for shipping, asset tracking, inventory management, and more using WaspLabeler +2D. Simply input your data manually or connect to an external data source to obtain your label data. Rapidly design customized labels, including barcodes, text, and graphics, or choose from more than 100 pre-built templates to create ID badges, coupons, shipping and compliance labels, and more.

Generate and print 1D barcodes in Microsoft Office applications with Barcode Maker. Use the integrated one-click toolbar to create barcoded documents in Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Excel®. Develop barcoded product sheets for retail, add barcodes to invoices, and use postal codes in a mail merge with Barcode Maker. Upgrade to Barcode Maker Pro for 2D barcode creation and Microsoft Access® and Crystal Reports™ support.

Part Numbers

  • 633808105358
  • 633808105365
  • 633808105372


WaspLabeler +2D

  • Rapidly design and print standard or custom labels, including barcodes, text, and graphics
  • Select from over 100 pre-built label templates
  • Generate shadow books and product scan sheets
  • Create compliance labels for shipping, shelf making, inventory tracking, product labeling, and more
  • Import existing files
  • Serialize copies and labels with auto increment/decrement
  • Import BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and ICON images
  • Advanced graphic resizing and image rotation

Barcode Maker

  • Easily create barcodes in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents using the integrated one-click toolbar
  • Add dynamically updating barcodes to mail merge documents
  • Automatically check digit calculation
  • Easily display check digits in the barcode caption
  • Alter the size of the barcode by changing width and height
  • Copy, paste, and drag and drop barcodes from one location to another on a page
  • Easily access the Help menu and printable PDFs
  • Upgrade to Barcode Maker Pro for 2D barcode creation and the added ability to include barcodes in Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports™


WaspLabeler +2D

  • Quickly create and print standard or custom inventory, asset, shipping, and many other types of labels
  • Import data from Microsoft Office®, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC data sources, QuickBooks®, comma separated files, or other external databases
  • Supports QuickBooks (2008 or later)

Barcode Maker

  • Easily create compliant barcodes using the integrated toolbar
  • Eliminate data entry errors by using barcodes
  • Improve efficiency of retail checkout with barcoded product lists for small or bulky items
  • Link barcodes to data in Microsoft Excel® or Microsoft Access® for easy updates

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