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Wasp thermal shipping labels are available as direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels in a white label design. Produced with high-quality durable label material and permanent adhesives for harsh environments, these 4x6 shipping labels are designed to work not just with Wasp barcode printers, but with various thermal printers. Choose from 250, 450, or 1,000 labels per roll with outer diameters of 5 inches or 8 inches, whichever is for your thermal label printer. Each set comes with four rolls per box with a three-inch standard core diameter, compatible with industrial printers for high-volume label printers. At four inches by six inches, they're the ideal choice for USPS postal mailing shipping labels, inventory tracking, and more. The permanent adhesives and durable label offer reliable tracking and shipping for long-term applications.

Thermal labels keep today's shipping methods working smoothly at the lowest prices since thermal printing requires no ink or toner. Instead, a simple white label design and the durable label material makes sure addresses and barcodes show up clearly on mailing labels every time. They're a crucial product to have onhand.

Two of the biggest benefits to buying thermal shipping labels from Wasp are stock and accessibility. We pay attention to labels so you don't have to. Because blank labels are in stock and don't require any customization, you can usually get them at a reasonable price and receive them as you need them.

What's the Difference Between Thermal Transfer Labels and Direct Thermal Labels?

Thermal printers come in two main types, and they use different types of synthetic materials to print hundreds of labels per day without ink or toner. Thermal transfer labels are chemically reactive to a special ribbon that heats up inside the thermal printer, which transfers to blank labels. Direct thermal labels are made from a different kind of thermal paper sensitive to specific levels of heat than the direct thermal printers' print heads. Direct thermal can fade over time while thermal transfer labels won't, even though their printer uses a special ribbon. While a white label design can look similar, these roll labels belong to two different printer types. 

Both are common for industrial printers and offer a less expensive option for businesses looking for durable shipping labels without the cost of inks, toner and dyes.

4x6 Thermal Transfer Shipping Labels

4x6 Thermal Transfer Shipping Labels