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Asset Tracking In Tough Industries

tracking-tough-industries-banner Keeping track of business assets, such as laptops, mobile devices, and medical equipment, is a difficult undertaking for any small business owner. It can be even more challenging when valuable assets are used in tough industries that are fast-paced, high stress, or just dangerous because of the equipment used. Below, we share three industries using Wasp asset management solutions to track business items to ensure they are properly managed and maintained —even in harsh work conditions. 1. Emergency Industry Emergency personnel are tasked with being quick and efficient when facing a disaster. Part of being ready includes maintaining the necessary equipment on the emergency vehicles, such as handsaws, hand tools, hose adapters, and medical devices. Before using Wasp, Lipscomb Fire & Rescue used pen and paper to capture and record the equipment items necessary for each vehicle. The asset data was then transferred to their computer system in an attempt to account for all equipment. As you can imagine, not only was tracking the equipment by hand time consuming, it could have led to the injury of a firefighter or civilian because the proper equipment wasn’t readily available. Lipscomb Fire & Rescue implemented Wasp MobileAsset to better manage assets and to ensure each fire truck is stocked with the correct equipment and is properly maintained to work safely in an emergency situation. 2. Manufacturing Industry The manufacturing industry is usually more dangerous than others because employees work with or around machinery. It’s imperative that manufacturing organizations be well organized in order to provide a safe environment for workers. Implementing an asset tracking solution ensures that the machinery and tools are being kept track of and maintained. Part of this asset tracking solution often includes a barcode printer to print asset tags. When used in this capacity, a barcode printer needs to hold up and print well even in a hectic manufacturing organization. Luckily, the WPL406 barcode printer features an industrial design consisting of an all-metal exterior housing and die-cast aluminum print mechanism to withstand any work conditions. 3. Healthcare Industry Healthcare environments are known for being fast-paced and high stress situations. In order to provide excellent care and protect patients, healthcare providers need to track their assets well and make sure they are in proper working order at all times. Properly managed assets mean less medical errors happening in the field. Truxton Radiology Medical Group, offering the latest in radiology services, is an example of a healthcare organization helped by implementing an asset tracking solution. Prior to implementing Wasp’s MobileAsset, they were using an Excel spreadsheet and keeping a clipboard history to track the maintenance and repair needs of their equipment. If data wasn’t collected properly, it could lead to faulty tools used, resulting in the possible misdiagnosis or death of patients. An asset tracking solution from Wasp, providing complete reports about the condition of current equipment, allows TRMG to operate their state-of-the-art diagnostic tools with 100% confidence in their accuracy. Wasp asset tracking solutions make it simple to manage your valuable business assets regardless of the industry. An asset management solution can help you instantly locate assets, eliminating time spent searching for missing items and money unnecessarily spent on replacing lost assets, as well as provide maintenance reports on the working condition of current equipment. Wasp is also dedicated to providing solutions that include equipment, like barcode printers, durable enough to withstand the toughest production environments. Visit the new and improved Wasp website for more information on barcode printers or implementing an asset tracking solution for your business.