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Automated Time and Attendance Tracking: An Employer Primer

automated-time-attendance-banner Automated time and attendance systems are essential for companies that want to reduce overhead, control payroll, maintain accurate reporting, and ensure employee happiness. An automated time and attendance solution is a simple, easy and effective way to guarantee the accuracy of your payroll and lower your overall administrative burden.
  • Ending Time Theft
Implementing an automated time and attendance solution prevents employee time theft.   You will know exactly when an employee:
  • clocks-in (late)
  • clocks-out (early)
  • misses a punch
  • takes a long break or lunch
This information means you control your payroll by holding each employee accountable for the time he or she spends working, and it eliminates any temptation to adjust the numbers.
  • Saving Time
Piggy Bank and clockAutomated timekeeping allows your HR team to complete their payroll tasks quickly and with greater accuracy than any manual method.  There is no waiting until the next pay period to review an employee’s data: whether that’s checking daily punches, managing tardies or tracking absences; and knowing this information in real-time means immediate intervention into any troubling issues.  Additionally, reducing the amount of time both your employees and your administrative personnel take managing time and attendance will save you a significant amount of money by reducing labor costs.

10 MINS / day = 30 HRS / year Stolen by Each Employee

  • Gaining Efficiency
Rather than having to contact HR to find out when they can take time off, how many sick days they have accrued or other important attendance information, an employee can simply log into their automated attendance tracking program. A solid time and attendance tracking system can offer employees the ability to schedule their own vacation days or request PTO – making it easier for them to plan and easier for the HR team to function. If integrated with a scheduling solution, an automated attendance tracker can also let employees know when they are working, allow them to shift their schedules, and let them know how many hours they have worked. Automating your time and attendance tracking is a fast and simple process with many benefits. Through an automated time and attendance solution, you can lower your administrative overhead, improve your attendance reporting, reduce "time theft", make it easier for your employees to track their time, and, ultimately, improve the accuracy of your payroll.