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4 Reasons Why You Should Barcode Your Stock

why-barcode-your-stock-banner From shopping apps to rainforest logging, there are many innovative ways barcodes are used today. However, tracking stock remains one of the most common and practical uses for barcodes. Not barcoding your stock? Here are four reasons to start:
  1. Know what you have and where to find it. One of the most obvious benefits of stock tracking is knowing what inventory you have on hand and exactly where it can be located. Barcodes are a key part of stock management systems, like Wasp’s Inventory Control System.
  2. Easily add and review information about a given product. A barcode represents a series of alphanumeric digits. When a barcode is scanned, it recalls corresponding information in a software database. Barcode scanners can also be used to add information to items in inventory. Barcoding inventory allows for the easy adding or recalling of product information – simply by scanning the item.
  3. Know when to reorder. Running out of stock can result in frustrated customers and unnecessary business costs. Because barcodes make it easy to track your inventory when using a stock management system, businesses can also keep track of when to reorder.
  4. Making accounting easier. From audits to cycle counts, using barcodes and an inventory software system to track inventory makes it easier to present data to accounting about your current stock.
Wasp Barcode’s stock management systems use barcodes and other technology (scanners, mobile computers, printers) to address the stock tracking needs of small businesses. Click here to schedule a demo or try our barcode maker for free today!