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100+ Creative Barcode Labels

100-Creative-Barcodes-Banner The Most Creative Barcodes How many barcodes do you see on a daily basis and completely disregard?  Scanning my desk as I write this article, I conservatively estimate there are 50+ barcodes & a dozen or more QR codes within view.  I am not only referencing the tissues, the pack of gum, or the conference name badge but also my IT equipment.  Each piece of equipment has a barcoded asset tag so my company can effectively track the location of these valuable assets & who is responsible for them.  Barcodes are everywhere & they are on everything: but they are boring.  Wouldn't it be nice if this barcode trend continued and businesses started using the traditional barcode as a way to creatively market their products? Why is it then that so few barcodes are designed for aesthetic purposes as well as function?  Below we have consolidated 100+ creative & functional barcodes.  Let us know which ones you like or dislike – or share your own in the comments section below.  If you would like to view even more creative barcodes, this Pinterest board is a great resource. Need to create a barcode or QR code of your own?  Use our free generators: Wasp Barcode's online barcode generator Wasp Barcode's Free QR-Code Generator   [nggallery id=2] Related Articles: /buzz/barcode-scanners-work /buzz/barcodes-work-anyway