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Why Should I Invest in Asset Management Software to Track Fixed Assets?

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Are your fixed assets secured?

When you are unaware of the exact location and status of your fixed assets it is much easier for them to become lost or stolen. The results can be time lost in locating them, lost productivity, and the wasted cost of replacing missing assets. Examples of fixed assets include computers, iPads, cell phones, furniture, office equipment, maintenance equipment, vehicles, and containers.

What are the essential requirements of an asset management system?

The key aspects of an asset management system are management and financial reporting. The entire life cycle of an asset is considered from the time of acquisition and commissioning, through maintenance and deployment, to decommissioning and replacement. Location and status must be updated as needed and management reports on status, condition, and location must be available. [Tweet "The key aspects of an asset management system are management and financial reporting."]

Why is manual asset auditing inadequate?

Perhaps you feel your legacy manual auditing system is sufficient. If so, you are aware that this is extremely time consuming and introduces numerous errors. Scanning barcode labeled assets and storing this information in an asset management barcode software package drastically reduces time and errors.

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Asset tracking software makes it easy to identify, find, and update the location of all tracked assets electronically, so that errors are not introduced into your database. For example, Wasp Barcode’s MobileAsset software uses a Microsoft SQL database, one of the most preferred in the world, so loading, updating, and accessing your asset data is secure, reliable, and immediate. Businessman Builds a Tower

Why do I need mobile asset software?

With MobileAsset software, you can track assets by location as well as current check-in/check-out status. You can implement regular asset maintenance scheduling and also see each item’s transaction history.
Asset Management Software
Auditing and accountability features are yet another form of asset protection provided by MobileAsset. Information by asset allows you to track:
  • Location
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Due-date and Due-time
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Transaction history
Relevant attachment information such as photos, user manuals, warranty contracts, and other documentation can be easily linked to any asset record.  Data can be user customized in 20 additional data fields for your specific information requirements.  Upload external data via an Import Wizard and update multiple asset records with the mass update feature.

What kinds of organizations require asset management software?

Organizations needing asset management include small to mid-sized companies, educational institutions, healthcare and medical centers, government agencies (police, fire, EMT) and legal/financial institutions.  Some of the most accountable organizations in the US rely on Wasp's asset management solution for maintaining equipment and records. The City of Dallas, TX manages fire and emergency equipment- even bomb control robots - with WASP MobileAsset. Lipscomb Fire & Rescue uses MobileAsset to ensure that all equipment needed for an emergency is on board the right vehicle and that nothing is left behind. IT asset management gives us the ability to be immediately aware of asset location and status, providing control over fixed assets needed to run an organization more productively.