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Scan this: medication administration made easy with barcode technology

All About Kids Pediatrics really is all about kids. They keep approximately 2,000 of them healthy each month. In doing so they deliver a lot of preventive care services, like vaccinations. Every shot administered involves extensive reporting and documentation requirements.  Take a look at vaccine requirements for the state of Florida to get a better idea of how these complex reporting requirements can quickly drain business resources.
In my previous experience it took a long time to track the lot number of the vaccine, the company from which it came, its expiration date, the place on the body the shot was given, name of the staff member who was giving the shot, paperwork provided to patient and parent signature - it could take up to 30 minutes to give one shot. Now, nurses can complete the process in three quick scans: the bar code on the vial, their I.D., and the patient's paperwork. – Pat Cassidy, All About Kids Pediatrics
At All About Kids Pediatrics, documenting care provided is now simple and error-free. Reporting that used to consume an average of 30 minutes per encounter now takes just seconds. The result is better records for patients, better time management for providers, and better health for everyone. Read the full story here.