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Reduce the cost of human error with scanning barcodes

It was recently reported in the Mail Online on 4th March 2013 that a pharmacy gave a man medication to treat diabetes, instead of the steroids he required to treat his chest infection by mistake. Following two rushes to hospital, after taking the medication and feeling unwell, his wife researched the drug and discovered it was a hypoglycaemic anti-diabetic drug. The result could have been catastrophic, but luckily the man survived. Reduce human errorThe error was a simple one, but it could have been extremely costly. The label on the box detailed the correct drug, but it was a picking error that had caused the wrong drug to be put inside the box. Whether you work in healthcare or a completely different discipline, human error can cost businesses vast amounts of money each year. The majority of cases will not be a matter of life or death, but in this current climate businesses cannot afford the escalating costs each year of human error. Barcode scanning solutions is an innovative technology that ensures there are no mistakes made, prevents any mix-ups, and it’s a totally traceable and auditable system. Paperless records to manage assets, for inventory tracking, or of transactions in business, through a barcode scanning solution (such as Wasp’s), is a seamless automated process that can make businesses more productive and efficient. Referring back to the story above in the Mail Online, automating the process of medication dispensing through the use of barcode scanners is leading the way forward to improve patient safety, and it has already proved successful in many dispensing GPs in Wales.  If this system was already in place throughout the UK, the chances of a patient being given the wrong drug through human error would be significantly reduced. If you currently use a barcode scanning solution for your business (such as Wasp’s) the chances of human error are greatly reduced and you will be saving money on your bottom line with improved productivity. More and more business owners are looking into barcode scanning solutions to manage their companies more efficiently, can you really afford not to?