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Time and Attendance – Flexible working made easy

The current difficult financial climate and advances in technology has resulted in a growth in remote flexible working. As the Government presses ahead with plans to make flexible working available to all workers, businesses are feeling the strain to put processes in place to manage the growing complexity of time and attendance effectively. Flexible working with time and attendance systemsWith the ‘sick note culture’ costing employers £9 billion a year (The Spectator) through sick pay and associated costs, it is understandable not all businesses are fully supportive of increased flexible working conditions. Some employees are using sick leave when they’re not actually ill or unable to work, so there is a real concern employees may further exploit the flexible working conditions given to them. So how do businesses manage time and attendance successfully, ensuring employees have maximum flexibility, but with no detriment to its bottom line? Advances in technology have attributed to the success of many flexible working arrangements through the development of more effective scheduling systems of time and attendance. These systems not only record hours worked, they aid various departments, such as HR and Finance to cope with the ever changing working environment, synchronising time and attendance data, allowing integration with holiday, overtime, project tracking and payroll. Businesses using effective time and attendance systems find staff productivity and performance is increased and hours wasted monitoring staff, timekeeping and shift management is reduced. Wasp Barcode Technologies is the leading manufacturer of time and attendance systems that help businesses to boost productivity and implement flexible working conditions, whilst ensuring maximum output during hours worked. Wasp offers a number of solutions featuring WaspTime software and a biometric (fingerprint), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or barcode time clock. All of WaspTime solutions are easy to use and designed to improve efficiency, reducing the risk of costly payroll errors in the tracking of employee time and attendance. It is now more critical than ever to control and improve timekeeping of the workforce. With increased flexible working conditions for employees, effective time and attendance management is an issue that all employers will eventually have to deal with.  Take an active approach and keep one step ahead of the changing working environment with a WaspTime time and attendance solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies. It will easily improve payroll accuracy, maximise your resources and increase company profitability.