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Turn Your Asset Tagging Service into a Revenue Generator

Turn Your Asset Tagging Service Into A Revenue Generator

Are you providing an asset tagging service for your clients? If so, how are you delivering the data to them? Maybe it’s in hard copy form on the packing list or in a digital format.

I’ve asked this question to several value-added resellers (VARs) and distribution partners that offer the service, but very few have considered how to turn this into a revenue generator.

Let’s start with exploring how you’re presenting the asset tagging service to your clients.  When that freshly tagged shipment of new laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, etc. is delivered to the client, how do they know what their asset tag numbers are? Although a few are still doing it manually, my research shows that most of the time, the asset tag numbers are delivered via an Excel file. Is this method effective for the client?

The primary purpose of asset tagging is for your clients to know where the asset is located and who has possession. If this information is in a spreadsheet, it likely requires extensive manual data entry and a significant time investment to parse the data over to a master spreadsheet. Even then, you’re dealing with static information that’s hard to share with multiple users and update in real-time. Additionally, this method involves a high probability of human error.

Instead of doing things in this manual and error prone way, use AssetCloud to increase the value you bring to your clients, while also helping them to increase their revenue and profit margins. 

By including a 30-day free trial of AssetCloud from Wasp Barcode Technologies with the asset tag data already uploaded into the software, you provide your clients with an automated tool they will use to scan, assign, track, audit and report on their assets in real-time. Plus, you will have not only grown the opportunity size, but also established an annual recurring revenue stream. Managed service providers (MSPs) can take this a step further by implementing managed assets as a service.

To learn more about transforming your spreadsheet deliverable into a revenue generator, contact the Wasp Barcode Technologies Channel Sales Team at channelsales@waspbarcode.com or 800-890-3605.