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Take Advantage of the New Twitter Profile Layout

Take Advantage of the New Twitter Profile Layout Twitter has taken a page from Facebook and introduced their new-look profile pages to the world yesterday. Wasp Barcode on Twitter The most visible change to the platform is the large header image that runs across the top of the page, similar to Facebook’s cover photo imagery for personal and company pages. Additionally, the new format calls further attention to pre-existing visuals including the avatar, which is now displayed front and center on the page as opposed to off to the left. The photo stream has also been moved to a more prominent position, taking real estate “above the fold” and off to the left. The photos also include larger-scale thumbnails. The theme of the new Twitter layout? Imagery is king. The newly designed social platform calls major attention to the aesthetics of the profile, which won’t only be seen on Twitter.com, but on the mobile apps as well, including Twitter's newly rebuilt iPad app. Twitter’s new image emphasis is yet another way for small businesses to brand their social channels. Take advantage of Twitter’s new profile layout and upload your header image today: Visit the “Settings” tab of the Twitter menu bar Select “Design” as if you were going to edit your background image Upload the image of your choice to under the “Change header” option From here, Twitter will you let customize how you wish to display the image. If you want more basic imagery, we recommend choosing a large image to upload, as you can easily zoom in and out to get the right look for your page. If you would like a more customized image, as depicted by the Wasp Twitter header above, follow the 1252 x 626 guidelines for optimal viewing size across all devices. What do you think of the new Twitter Layout? Do you think the added real estate will benefit your small business? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know how you’ll be using the extra space to extend your brand in the comments below! Or maybe you’re just getting your small business started on Twitter? Don’t worry; check out our Twitter tactics for SMB and our guide for avoiding a social media business disaster.