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AssetCloud Demo Videos

With an application so robust, there's a lot to learn about all the rich features.

AssetCloud Overview

AssetCloud sets a new standard in asset tracking software. The application is capable of handling the tracking needs of practically any type and size of organization, from small project-based sample tracking to enterprise-level asset management across a global organization.

Auditing Assets

Counting, locating, and verifying your assets has never been easier utilizing the audit feature from AssetCloud. Performing an audit allows you to verify that your assets are all accounted for, and in the correct locations. Using one of the Wasp handheld computers or your iOS/Android device paired with a scanner will allow you to quickly and accurately audit your assets.

Check-In/Out Assets

Taking control of who has which assets within your organization is now effortless with AssetCloud. Checking out assets allows you to assign an asset to a Customer, an Employee, or even a Vendor, and track where your assets are at all times, as well as who has responsibility of those assets. Your organization can now can painlessly manage asset assignment and ensure accountability of all your organization assets.

Dispose/Recover Assets

Never lose reporting and transaction history on retired assets again. With AssetCloud you have complete lifecycle management that concludes with asset disposal. When an asset reaches end of life or has been lost simply dispose of it and capture the reason. If the asset is found or accidentally retired you just recover it and it is back in use.

Fund Tracking

Safeguarding your organization from the dreaded asset audits just became stress-free with the fund management. Tying assets to specific funds allows you to easily pull what assets where purchased the PO number, date and vendor, along with which site and location the asset is being utilized.

Moving Assets

Saving time and ensuring database accuracy on your assets locations is simple with AssetCloud’s move transaction. When an asset is going to change where it is being utilized perform the move transaction in the application, on your Wasp mobile computer, or your iOS/Android device to guarantee you keep an accurate database.


Receiving instant feedback provides a streamlined path to better communication on asset related events within your organization. This simple to setup and powerful notification engine allows you to create a notification for just about anything inside Asset Cloud. For instance, you can be alerted when a specific asset or asset type is checked out, when a new asset is created, or when an asset is checked back in.


Providing accurate data in a timely manner throughout your organization is no longer a challenge as AssetCloud allows you to create and schedule your preferred reports allowing everyone to make informed decisions.

Setting Up an Asset

Increasing your data accuracy and ensuring all of your assets are setup has never been easier than with AssetCloud. AssetCloud provides you a simplified set-up process that allows you to enter as little or much information as you desire based on your organizations requirements.