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Tool Tracking Software to Improve Accountability

Easily track a wide range of equipment transfers between various job sites, tool room locations, and company employees.
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A Comprehensive Tool Tracking Solution to Keep Businesses and Employees Accountable

Misplaced tools add valuable time and cost to every operation, whether you’re managing construction tools on a job site, power tools from multiple locations, or mobile devices for an enterprise.

AssetCloud gives your organization the power to efficiently track tools from the time they are issued until they are returned. Going beyond typical tool tracking apps, AssetCloud simplifies the tool management process by allowing you to transfer tools and expensive equipment between various job sites and tool room locations. All of the necessary software and hardware components needed to manage valuable tools for your entire team in multiple locations are incorporated into AssetCloud.

AssetCloud's tool tracking system uses barcode scanning capabilities that allow complex equipment tracking audits to be performed quickly and accurately while helping your operation reduce expensive tool replacement costs. By eliminating manual processes and headaches for your operations manager, AssetCloud erases all data entry mistakes while saving time and stopping tool loss. This process promotes employee and contractor accountability, reduces tool hoarding and streamlines company policies and procedures. Since AssetCloud is a cloud-based software, the information can be managed remotely from any place and at any time.

Key Benefits of Our Tool Tracking System


Get control and easily check-in and check-out power tools or smart devices to employees, locations or containers with a simple barcode scan. Gain accountability and protect your inventory with a secure employee checkout solution.

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Know where your tools and supplies are when you need them. This software includes functionality to track tools that are in use as well as the ability to track valuable tools by binned items, warranties, and depreciation.

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With a centralized asset tracking solution, you gain insights into tool usage and keep putting your valuable equipment where it can do the most good. Prevent the loss of tools so that your team has everything they need to get the job done.

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Customer Success

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The Client: US Army - Fort Hood

The Challenge: With over 1,000 assets in eight on-base and three offsite locations, Fort Hood had their hands full. The base must keep track of each asset and tool type, number and location. These records become critical several times each year during audits performed by both internal and external auditors. Tracking their assets with pen, paper, and a Microsoft Access database, their process was error-prone and cumbersome. Especially as equipment was moved among the different locations, reached the end of its tool lifespan, and needed to be replaced.

The Solution: Shortly after implementing a Wasp asset management solution, Fort Hood was able to dramatically decrease time tracking equipment and performing audits, while simultaneously improving the quality of their records. "This process is an easy, slick and fool-proof method for recording an asset's serial number and model number using barcodes," said Terry French, property manager for the base. "In the past, when I received new equipment, it took up to an hour to manually record all of the information. Now, that time has been reduced to less than 15 minutes."

The Result: In less than one month, Fort Hood was able to produce a positive ROI on the project in the savings from reductions in audit time alone.

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