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Effortless Fixed Asset Tracking

Wasp on-premise asset software makes tracking simple and painless, allowing you to end spreadsheet nightmares, stop wasting valuable time, and avoid losing costly assets.

How Asset Tracking Makes Life Easier

Business Owner

Stop worrying about costly write-offs at the end of the year that can substantially impact your business.

IT Department

Eliminate error prone manual spreadsheets. Instantly know who has what assets, when it is due back, date of purchase, and when you are due a refresh.

Finance Department

Eliminate ghost assets from your books and ensure proper tax depreciation by knowing all the assets on your books using the quick audit functions.

Maintenance Department

Quickly know what items has open maintenance and keep documented maintenance and calibration records on all assets with email notifications.

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Perform Audits Where Your Assets Are

Pairing asset software with Wasp mobile computers or iOS/Android devices allows you to go to your assets instead of bringing the items back to your PC. Add, edit, check out/in, and move assets, or quickly do audits.

Built-In Barcode Maker for Easy Tagging

Integrated barcode labeling software makes it easy to design your own asset tags, or use more than 100 pre-designed templates. Encode the data you need, whether you need to track assets by site, location, or tag number.

Pre-Built Reports and Notifications for Instant Insight

Get access to the necessary information needed to manage your assets and increase efficiency with 60 pre-built reports. Receive notification of overdue checkouts, expiring warranties, schedule maintenance, certification/calibration, and more.

Organizations Trust Wasp for Asset Tracking



Hewlett Packard



Lockheed Martin


US Air Force

Mercedes Benz


US Navy

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