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AssetCloud simplifies tracking the funds issued to your organization accurately and efficiently. AssetCloud gives your organization the opportunity to manage awarded funds as well as any assets purchased with those funds. Keep attachments such as purchase orders, checks and awarded fund documentation on each fund as well as keeping track of each asset’s purchase order, purchase date, purchase cost and vendor. It also provides fast and easy reporting on each audit, which ensures your records are maintained accurately and available to you at anytime.

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With AssetCloud, know what assets you have purchased, on what fund, and where they are located at all times.

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Save time and personnel resources by automating your yearly funding audits to ensure you maintain compliance.

See how it works for you.

Customer Success

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The Client: Catoosa County Board of Education

The Challenge: One of the primary reasons the Catoosa County Board of Education first implemented asset management software was to track all items purchased over a certain dollar amount. However, their prior internal audit process focused primarily on those assets purchased with federal and state money. Catoosa needed a solution that allowed them to easily track every asset and not just those acquired with federal or state money. Prior to implementing an asset management software solution, most departments tracked in Excel; a challenging process because each school/department’s master file had limited accessibility (one person at a time) and there were no checks-and-balances. Specific changes made to the spreadsheet could not be traced back to the exact individual; therefore, it was difficult verifying the data’s accuracy.

The Solution: By using a Wasp Asset Management System, the Catoosa County Board of Education was able to implement a district-wide, centralized asset database with barcodes with each asset labeled with a unique tag number. By using a mobile scanner, they are able to easily complete annual audits. An iOS/Android app has been installed on tablets and phones as well for easy viewing to manage all assets.

The Result: As Catoosa County began looking for a new asset management system, they wanted one built on an easy-to-use platform. The Wasp Barcode Asset Management System app was available for download on iOS and Android phones and tablets which ensured users could view and manage assets without being tied to a computer. Catoosa would also have the ability to assign users to specific groups, choosing who would see certain assets and who would be able to perform certain tasks. Now that all of Catoosa County’s assets are accounted for, when external auditors or local residents question how the district spends its money or where assets are currently located, the Catoosa BOE is able to quickly and easily access any of the 60+ reports in the Wasp Barcode Asset Management System to provide detailed information

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