Customer Success: Florida Task Force 4

"Wasp's asset management software helps us track equipment, maintenance and service history. Proper records maintenance means the difference between receiving funding and missing out."
- Manny Washington, Logistics Specialist, FL-TF4
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The Client

Florida Task Force 4

For the Florida Urban Search and Rescue - Task Force 4 emergencies are part of the daily routine. This specialized team of 180 individuals is available 24 hours a day to respond to all types of disasters and to provide search and rescue, medical support, communications and damage assessment for the State of Florida and other agencies.

From power generators to food trailers and rescue equipment, the Florida Urban Search and Rescue -Task Force 4 (FL-TF4) maintains over 5,000 emergency response tools. “Members of our team are trained to use the necessary equipment to address specific emergency scenarios," said Manny Washington, Logistics Specialist for FL-TF4. "The type of equipment used in response to a hurricane is different from the equipment needed to respond to a hazardous waste spill."

The emergency equipment used by FL-TF4 is valuable; its performance often means the difference between life and death. Funding to purchase and maintain task force equipment comes from grant dollars. As part of the annual grant allocation process, FL-TF4 reports how equipment is used, for what purpose and by whom. Proof of maintenance facilitates grant accountability and extends the life of task force assets.

The Challenge

FL-TF4 used a manual tracking process for equipment records. A team member would write down the equipment checked out for a given call. Paper logs, usually dirty and crumbled, were often times lost or misplaced. The records lacked comprehensive asset insight, which left team members guessing on dates of maintenance service.

Poor records management led to unnecessary spending. “The team’s primary job is to assist the citizens who need us. When there’s an emergency, we’re so focused on getting to the scene and helping, often times we didn’t even think about checking the equipment in and out. But, in order to maintain our grant funding, accurate equipment tracking was a must,” said Washington.

Washington knew the task force needed an asset management solution that was more accurate, yet easier to manage. The records needed to physically endure the treacherous disaster sites in which the force operates.

The Solution

After testing several asset tracking solutions, FL-TF4 chose Wasp's asset management software to manage assets. The solutions are ready to use, competitively priced and compatible with FL-TF4’s computer system. “The solutions were easy to learn and even easier to use,” said Washington. “ Wasp's asset management software helps us track equipment, maintenance and service history. Proper records maintenance means the difference between receiving funding and missing out.”

Wasp's asset management software has also simplified the reporting process for FL-TF4, facilitating better accountability for the grant-funded operation. “Implementing Wasp streamlined the reporting process for our grant. We’ve been able to better track asset maintenance, which has resulted in longer asset life and less unnecessary costs,” said Washington.

The Result

"Since implementing Wasp’s system, we’ve saved approximately $200,000," said Washington. Today, FL-TF4 tracks all 5,000 assets with one database. Each piece of equipment is labeled with an asset tag and quickly scanned upon check-in/out. Wasp's asset management software allows the team to effectively monitor each item’s life, maintenance, and expense. There is no longer any confusion about an asset’s location, who has it or when it was last used. Proof-of-work is as simple as pulling a report in the database, which makes it easy to identify the items used during deployment.

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