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As a property manager, your properties as well as the upkeep and maintenance of valuable assets within those properties are your top priority. AssetCloud streamlines and automates the day-to-day responsibilities of your property management company to ensure tenant and homeowner satisfaction.

Once in place, the system helps you easily check-in and check-out assets, schedule preventive maintenance activities, and eliminates the manual process of asset tracking by increasing accuracy and accountability while ensuring all assets are accounted for.

AssetCloud supports a variety of residential and commercial property types, and can be scaled up or down, depending on your property portfolio size. Complete our tracking consult form and one of our asset management experts will contact you to discuss your options.

Learn more about how AssetCloud for Property Management works in the video below.

Key Benefits


Easily check-in and check-out individual assets to tenants with a simple barcode scan. Protect your assets with a secure check-out solution.

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Track each asset from the warehouse to the property as well as transfers, replacements, disposals, or asset moves between properties with ease.

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Whether you manage one property or hundreds of properties, AssetCloud has you covered. Manage assets at as many sites as you need without needing all of the locations to be on the same network. You can also choose to set up individual properties or rooms at each property as assets themselves.

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Set up automated maintenance schedules for preventive property maintenance such as lawn care or pest control to be performed at specified intervals – such as monthly, weekly, and so on.

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Set up instant email notifications of upcoming due dates on tasks, or alerts for outstanding tasks. Receive notifications of events such checked-out items past due, when an item is checked-in, when an item is moved or disposed of, upcoming and past due maintenance, and more. Set custom triggers to avoid running out of assets critical to your bottomline.

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AssetCloud tracks depreciation on each asset so you know when to order new stock ahead of time, and helps you forecasts future needs. Easily review maintenance history to see all of the times when maintenance was performed on an individual asset or property.

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Customer Success

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The Client: Quintain Living

The Challenge: As a startup business in 2015, Quintain Living needed to find a suitable, scalable solution to track their furniture assets efficiently, intuitively and with the flexibility to move assets around their estate with ease.

The Solution: Russell Markou, Head of Operations for Quintain Living, researched companies that offered asset tracking solutions and discovered Wasp Barcode Technologies. After reviewing all options, he chose a Wasp asset management solution. “Wasp offered the best solution for our needs at a reasonable price – plus Wasp’s sales and support teams have been excellent and accommodating,” said Russell.

The Result: Initially, Quintain Living’s goal for the software was to track furniture in their apartments, to allow a degree of flexibility if a new resident wanted a furniture item removed as part of the lease negotiation, to track the value of the assets as well as the whole life cycle and depreciation, and finally, to record the maintenance history of each item. Today, Quintain Living uses the Wasp asset management solution to track 18,000 furniture items located in eight different apartment buildings, and this number is growing as the development of the Wembley Park estate grows. Quintain Living currently has 15 user licenses and employees find the software easy-to-use and intuitive. Russell believes the team will find even more use cases for the software in the future. “We haven’t really scratched the surface with the potential the software has to offer,” he said. “As we continue to scale, I am sure we will find further uses for the software, particularly in relation to central plant and equipment maintenance tracking within our buildings through to team member apartment viewing tracking history.”

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