Trademark Information

Reservation of Rights

Wasp Barcode Technologies (“Wasp”) reserves all rights with respect to its trademarks, service marks, logos, and other indicia ("Marks"). Any unauthorized use of any Wasp-owned Mark, or any use of a mark that is confusingly similar to, or likely to cause confusion with, an Wasp-owned Mark, would constitute infringement of Wasp’s exclusive trademark rights.

This document does NOT constitute any form of license to use any Wasp-owned Mark. No Wasp employee is authorized to provide guidance on the use of Wasp-owned Marks, nor to give permission to use any Wasp-owned Mark, except by formal written license agreement published by Wasp (e.g., through one of its membership programs) or signed by the Wasp president. Any promise, agreement, guidance or other representation by any Wasp employee (other than by a formal license as described herein) is invalid and cannot be relied upon. If you have questions about the laws surrounding the use of Wasp’s Marks, or any other parties' marks, you should consult a qualified attorney.

In certain instances, Wasp provides limited licenses to third parties to use specific Wasp-owned Marks in the context of formal membership programs or specific distribution programs. If you are a member in good standing of one of Wasp’s reseller or membership programs, like WaspLink™, or if you are a recognized distributor of Wasp’s products under various specific reseller you may use a Wasp Mark as outlined in your agreement document.

Referential Use Only

You may make purely referential use of Wasp-owned Marks as described in this section, but you should attribute and display appropriate Marks as listed below

Plain-text use of Wasp Marks in commercial contexts may only be made for purposes like describing compatibility, ability to sell or train others on the use of Wasp products (in the case of such services) or other true, factual statements as to the nature of any relationship with Wasp. Any use Wasp Marks or of statements that imply endorsement, affiliation, certification or other relationship — where none exists — are strictly prohibited.

There may be situations where it would be appropriate for you to state in your marketing materials, or on packaging for your own offerings, that your product or service is "powered by Wasp" or is "designed to work with" or "compatible with" an Wasp product. Please consult a qualified attorney if you have questions about proper nominative fair use of Wasp Marks.

Use of Wasp’s Marks within other companies' product names, service names, company/trade names, DBA's, domain names or other indicia is strictly prohibited.

Trademark Symbols and Legends

Referential use of Wasp Marks should include the proper trademark symbol(s). Registered trademarks and Registered service marks bear the "®" symbol, whereas unregistered trademarks bear a "TM" symbol, and unregistered service marks bear an "SM" symbol. A current list of the proper symbol placement for some of Wasp’s most-frequently referenced Marks can be found below.

Where possible, Wasp requests that those who make reference to Wasp’s products with their associated Marks also provide a short ownership attribution statement somewhere within those materials. Any attribution should be worded generally as shown in the following example: "Wasp and the Wasp logo are registered trademarks of Wasp Barcode Technologies." Where an unregistered Mark is referenced, a sentence may be used which simply states that the mark is a "trademark and/or service mark of Wasp Barcode Technologies.", and which omits the registration portion of the statement.

Some Commonly-Referenced Marks and Proper Symbol Placement

This list of some Wasp-owned Marks is by no means an exhaustive list, and does not in any way limit the number of Marks in which Wasp claims ownership or the scope of Wasp claims. This list merely provides a guide to proper symbol placement and spelling for some of Wasp’s Marks.


Wasp Logo
(logo of Wasp and Wasp ‘bug’) are registered trademarks