Don't Let Your Inventory Control You

Complete Inventory Control System

Dramatically increase profitability with an automated,
user-friendly approach to inventory management.


Asset Tracking in the Palm of Your Hand

Wasp asset tracking systems will allow you to
stop wasting time & losing your assets.


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Wasp Systems

Who's Wasp Barcode

Wasp Barcode manufactures barcode software and solutions. Solutions include barcode scanners, barcode printers, inventory software, asset tracking, time and attendance systems, Point of Sale (POS) Systems and a range of barcode labels and barcode accessories.

Wasp Barcode Technologies' focus and expertise is in small business. For over 18 years, Wasp has developed a loyal base of 250,000 customers in manufacturing, warehousing & distribution, retail, government, education as well as healthcare services. These customers have made Wasp the market leader, helping business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability.

Listen to Others

  • Arizona Cardinals

    MobileAsset: Arizona Cardinals

    "The reliability and accuracy of the product is key. Wasp's barcoding and asset tracking system is a must have item for any major sports team or large production venue."

  • City of Dallas

    MobileAsset: City of Dallas

    "Manually tracking assets was an inefficient system that affected the entire way we managed grants. Now, our assets are centralized and everyone is connected. Our whole process has transformed, and works smoothly."

  • Fort Hood

    MobileAsset: Fort Hood

    "We have better information than ever before, plus we are saving tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort. I really don’t know how any government property manager could operate without something like MobileAsset. It has simplified my life."


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