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WWS850 Wireless Barcode Scanner


Wasp WWS850 Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner

The Wasp WWS850 Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner Kit is a value-packed bundle which gives you the freedom to roam. Move your scanner to your inventory instead of moving your inventory to your scanner. The Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner utilizes Bluetooth technology and allows you to scan barcodes and then transmit the data up to 160’ (line-of-site) from the base. The WWS850 also features a batch Memory Mode which allows you to work outside the 160’ range. Scan barcodes from up to 25” away with the WWS850’s aggressive laser scan engine. With a battery life of 50 hours (35,000 scans) and drop resistance of 5’ (1.5 meters), the WWS850 is capable of meeting the demands of rigorous work environments.

The WWS850 scanner kit comes with the WWS850 Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner, Bluetooth radio and recharging base, and two batteries. The base can be paired with up to seven scanners at one time. Ideal for warehouse, factory floor, field service, and retail environments.

The WWS850 includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty covering material defects.

If you would like to upgrade this coverage, WaspProtect extended service plans cover accidental breakage and can provide coverage beyond the original warranty.

Part Numbers: 633808920210, 633808920203, 633808920227


  • Bluetooth transmits data up to 160’ line-of-site feet from the base
  • Out-of-range alert notification when leaving working range
  • Batch Memory Mode allows for scanning when outside communication range
  • Aggressive Laser scan engine provides 100 scans per second decode rates
  • Durable, rugged design is suitable for most industrial environments
  • Supports preamble and postamble characters
  • Scan 1D barcodes up to 25” away
  • Available in USB, PS/2 or RS232 connectivity


  • Increase productivity by providing freedom to roam, without the tangle of cords
  • Fast, accurate entry of barcode data into your DOS, Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP, NT and Macintosh applications
  • Increase reliability by eliminating the cable (which is subject to wear and tear)
  • Save time and improve accuracy of data entry
  • Durable design eliminates downtime due to breakage
  • Connect up to 7 WWS850 scanners to a single base

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