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Retail Point of Sale Software Case Study: Harold’s Lighting - Wasp Barcode

Business Challenge

With seventeen workstations and a rapidly turning specialty stock, Harold’s Fine Home Lighting needed a sophisticated point of sales system at a reasonable cost. Wasp Technologies brought big business solutions at a price this small company could afford.


Streamlined checkout process with Wasp QuickStore to better meet the needs of customers


Inventory is easily managed at all 17 POS stations Inventory movement captured in real-time

Customer Profile

Fourth generation family owned business specializes in custom fixtures and other high quality lighting products.

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Harrold's Fine Home Lighting

At the end of the day I just did not trust our inventory records.
- Cheryl Hanson, Harold’s Fine Home Lighting

Wasp QuickStore™ Point-of-Sale lights the way to a Brighter Future

A Small Retail Business with Specific Needs

Harold’s Fine Home Lighting is a company based on tradition. Harvey Hanson started the business during the depression when he used his artistic skills to create lamps and then sell them door-to-door. Four generations later, Kim Hanson and his wife Cheryl run the 10,000 square foot store located in Seattle. They work alongside their son and daughter and 15 other employees selling lamps, shades, and even custom designed lighting fixtures, as did their grandfather. “We are not your typical retail lighting store in that the customer can chose from as many as fifty custom options when choosing a fixture,” explains Cheryl Hanson. Harold’s takes pride in customer service and superior products.

While Harold’s continues to experience great success in the lighting industry, their business systems struggled to keep up with sales. “At the end of the day I just did not trust our inventory records,” explains Cheryl Hanson. “We need a continually updated inventory that can be accessed by 17 stations and our current DOS based system is just not able to keep up with our rapid inventory turnover.” The current system cannot effectively access inventory and this affects sales and operational efficiency. However, Cheryl was skeptical that there existed a solution that could fit her unique product sales, and feared that the cost of such a system would prohibit use in a small company.

The Wasp QuikStore POS, Labeler, and Printer Solutions

Harold’s Fine Home Lighting needs an automated data capture system that can maintain and distribute up to date inventory information to numerous stations. The system must also handle order tracking, customer check out, as well as provide quick verification and processing of credit cards at the point of sale. Harold’s was concerned that the system is affordable, yet advanced and flexible enough to adapt to their custom order features and multiple station design.

The Wasp QuickStore POS software and Wasp Bar Coding equipment provided the perfect answer to all these problems. “We were delighted with the Wasp concept and even more thrilled with their customer service! Todd Hall, our Wasp manufacturer representative, even traveled to our store location to help with the installation and customization of the system to fit our needs.” The introduction of bar coding was simple and efficient and created a reliable way to control inventory. The Wasp bar code labeler and printer allow for the creation of a high quality label that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of the decorative retail store. “Todd worked with us on the labeling program and the customized labels fit our high standards,” states Cheryl Hanson. Even more importantly, Point of Sale Standard Solution Harolds now uses the Wasp Qucikstore POS to update all 17 stations and the data is automatically backed up each night. This creates real time communication between the 17 independent workstations to one central database. This system eliminates the need for separate point- of-sale terminals (i.e. card payment terminals), and streamlines the checkout process as well as clears valuable counter space in the store.

The Wasp QuickStore POS system along with the Wasp Barcode System gives this small business a simple to use, affordable, solution to their specific retail needs. “Life is so much easier now,” Cheryl Hanson summarizes. Today, Harolds Lighting has the same powerful scanning and tracking technology that larger companies use. This allows Harold’s Fine Home Lighting to be more productive and competitive in the industry. With Wasp, the future looks bright at Harolds.

Wasp QuickStore helps Harold’s

  • Meet the unique demands of its customers
  • Operate efficiently across 17 sites
  • Capture POS and inventory transactions in real time

Life is so much easier now.
- Cheryl Hanson, Harold’s Fine Home Lighting