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Auditing Assets


Auditing Assets Demo Transcript

Counting, locating, and verifying your assets has never been easier utilizing the audit feature from AssetCloud.  Performing an audit allows you to verify that your assets are all accounted for, and in the correct locations. Using one of the Wasp handheld computers or your iOS/Android device paired with a scanner will allow you to quickly and accurately audit your assets. 

To perform an audit, click on Audit in the main menu, then select Audit from the sub-menu.

You can select an Audit Window, Fund Name, or jump right down to selecting the Site (Main Office) and Location (101) you want to audit.

Enter the Start Date (Today).

Click Fetch Assets to view assets in the selected location.

Scan or enter your asset tags as you locate each asset in this location.

Select Complete Audit when you are finished. 

Reconcile an Audit:

To complete the Audit an audit you must complete your reconciliation, navigate to Audit, then Reconcile in the sub-menu.

Select your Audit Window, Fund Name, or Site (Main Office) and Location (101) to reconcile.

Select the date filters you wish to reconcile (Last 30 days) and click Fetch Assets.

Here, you can review all of your audit discrepancies and make decisions on how you will finalize your audit.   Some of the data you will see is your expected quantities with the quantity you physically counted during your audit and update your database accordingly. This will also show you any fixed assets that were missing or in the wrong location during your audit and make final depositions with them.  Thanks for watching, to learn more check out the rest of our video demo library or resource center.