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Check-In/Out Assets


Check-In/Out Assets Demo Transcript

Taking control of who has which assets within your organization is now effortless with AssetCloud.  Checking out assets allows you to assign an asset to a Customer, an Employee, or even a Vendor, and track where your assets are at all times, as well as who has responsibility of those assets. Your organization can now can painlessly manage asset assignment and ensure accountability of all your organization assets.

To Check Out an asset, simply select or scan your Asset Tag (56789)in the scan here box,  next scan or enter your  Customer, Employee, or Vendor (Employee: Dan Thomas) name or number to automatically assign the asset to them.  

If the asset requires a due date, you select the required date (End of Next Month) for when you want the asset returned to you. This will trigger a notification in the system and alert appropriate parties if it is not returned in a timely manner.

You can even update the Location of an asset when you check it out. When you’re done click Check Out when all assets in your Queue are ready to be checked out.

To Check In an asset, click on Transactions and Check In. Scan or select your Asset Tag (56789). You can update your Location and Department if needed, and the person or vendor who borrowed it will populate for you. Add the asset to your Queue and continue adding other assets to the Queue as needed. When you're finished, click Check In.

For increased efficiency and mobility you can also perform these transactions on your iOS/Android device with Wasp app and your Wasp barcode scanner.

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