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Dispose/Recover Assets


Dispose/Recover Assets Demo Transcript

Never lose reporting and transaction history on retired assets again.   With AssetCloud you have complete lifecycle management that concludes with asset disposal.   When an asset reaches end of life or has been lost simply dispose of it and capture the reason.  If the asset is found or accidentally retired you just recover it and it is back in use.  

To dispose of an asset, Click on Transactions, then Dispose.

Under Asset Details, use the filters to locate the asset you want to dispose. I will search by asset tag (1000).

Next, select the reason for disposal. In this case, my asset was damaged, so I will select Damage.

You can add Notes (dropped during move), and then click on Dispose at the bottom.

To recover a disposed asset, click on Transactions, then Recover.

Select the Asset Tag (1000).

Select the Reason for Recovery.

Click Recover.

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