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Fund Tracking


Fund Tracking Demo Transcript

Safeguarding your organization from the dreaded asset audits just became stress-free with the fund management.  Tying assets to specific funds allows you to easily pull what assets where purchased the PO number, date and vendor, along with which site and location the asset is being utilized.

To create a new funding, navigate to Lookups, Funding, then New. Enter a name for the funding (Wells Fargo Computer Grant 2016). You can enter more details in the Fund Description (For purchase of new desktops and laptops).

Enter the Amount of the fund.

The Start Date and the End date (if applicable). [Enter start date = TODAY, End Date = 12/31/2016]

If this fund only allows the assets to be utilized at certain sites you can restrict and manage them on the fund.

Then, Add any assets associated with this fund.

Click Save.

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