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Notifications Demo Transcript

Receiving instant feedback provides a streamlined path to better communication on asset related events within your organization.   This simple to setup and powerful notification engine allows you to create a notification for just about anything inside Asset Cloud.  For instance, you can be alerted when a specific asset or asset type is checked out, when a new asset is created, or when an asset is checked back in.

To set up a new Notification, navigate to the Settings icon (the gear) and select Notifications. Click on New to create a new notification.

Enter a Name for your notification (enter Dell d17 Laptops Checked Out).

Then, set the Triggers. You will select if the notification will be triggered before an event occurs or as soon as an event occurs. I’ll select As soon as event occurs.

I'll select When: a specific asset type (d17 laptop) is checked out.  You can choose to have any associated communication with this trigger to be sent out via email or in app notification.   Select the recipients who need to receive the notification such as: send to myself (choose Send to Myself)., an individual or a role. You can even have them sent to someone outside your organization.

Then click SAVE.

Thanks for watching, to learn more check out the rest of our video demo library or resource center.