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Reports Demo Transcript

Providing accurate data in a timely manner throughout your organization is no longer a challenge as AssetCloud allows you to create and schedule your preferred reports allowing everyone to make informed decisions.   

To run a report, navigate to Reports in the menu, then select All Reports.

Reports are grouped by categories and include over 25 standard reports. Select the report you want to run (Assets by Asset Type), select the parameters for the report (Category: Computer), then click on Run.

Scheduling Reports:

To schedule a report, navigate to Reports, then All Reports. Select a report you want to schedule to automatically run (Check Out to Employee Report), set your parameters (Check Out Date: This Week), then select Schedule Report.

Enter a Schedule Name and choose the report format (CSV or PDF). Select the date for it to start on (TODAY) and how often it should repeat (weekly).

Select the recipients who need to receive the report by selecting send to myself (choose Send to Myself), an individual or a role. You can even have them sent to someone outside your organization.

Click Save.

Thanks for watching, to learn more check out the rest of our video demo library or resource center.