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Setting Up an Asset


Setting Up an Asset Demo Transcript

Increasing your data accuracy and ensuring all of your assets are setup has never been easier than with AssetCloud. AssetCloud provides you a simplified set-up process that allows you to enter as little or much information as you desire based on your organizations requirements.

To create a new Fixed Asset, you only need to enter information into the bolded fields which include:

Asset Tag (56789), which will be your barcode number.

Assign the asset to an Asset Type, (d17 laptop) or group of assets.

Then select the Site (Main Office) and Location (101) where your asset will be assigned. Some fields associated with the Asset Type can populate for you.

Other commonly tracked fields include Purchase Order, Purchase Date, which you could make bolded and required for your assets.  You can even attach a photo and user manual.  Thanks for watching, to learn more check out the rest of our video demo library or resource center.