Customer Success: Electrical Manufacturing Industry

“AssetCloud is the best tool we've found to serve our multiple requirements for our pool of assets. We use it to track thousands of assets spread all over the company.”
– Russ T., Demo and Rental Manager, Electrical Manufacturing Industry
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The Client

Electrical Manufacturing Industry

Founded in 1942, this company has developed into the world’s leading supplier of advanced technology for measuring and managing the quality of sound and vibration.

The Challenge

The company needed an accurate way to track thousands of assets across the company including those used for sales demonstrations, technical support, and rentals.

The company had been relying on manual spreadsheets for tracking. “Spreadsheets did not offer the functionality we needed,” said Russ, demo and rental manager. “We needed better access from remote locations.”

The Solution

Russ researched their options and selected an asset tracking solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies.

“We chose AssetCloud for its flexibility and feature set that met our needs,” said Russ. “Access from anywhere is important, and the ability to track asset locations, check-out/check-in (to customers and employees), and accounting functions were important to us.”

The Result

“AssetCloud works great for us!” said Russ. “It is the best tool we’ve found to serve our multiple requirements for our pool of assets.”

“We use AssetCloud to track thousands of assets spread all over the company,” he said. “These assets are used for sales demonstrations, tech support and rentals. The check-out and check-in functions make it simple to move items and keep track of where they are, and when they're due to be returned. We also use the depreciation utility to calculate depreciation each month and track current book value.”

According to Russ, the company also extensively utilizes the customized fields and reporting which the software offers.

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