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Asset tracking software that gives you visibility.

AssetCloud by Wasp delivers full life-cycle asset management, streamlined auditing and loss prevention.

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Ditch the Spreadsheet, Put Down the Pen and Paper

Automate Check-In/Check-Out and Expedite Audits

Track where your fixed assets are, who has your assets, and when your assets are due back. Checking out assets allows you to assign responsibility to an employee, a customer, or even a vendor. Checking in assets releases end user responsibility and allows the assets to be reallocated throughout your organization.

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Provides insight into the full life-cycle management of IT assets and empowers you to make strategic decisions for your organization...

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The cost of lost and unused equipment can add up quickly. AssetCloud allows tracking of all your important equipment and makes it easy and...

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Individually managing large quantities of non-critical, but similar assets for compliance checks is time consuming and grueling...

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Increase efficiency and standardize procedures for tool access and eliminate issues related to tool management and control...

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Maintaining compliance on funds issued to your organization is crucial. AssetCloud allows you to manage the awarded funds and the...

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Most state and federal laws mandate that fixed assets be controlled and accounted for throughout their useful life...

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Complete Fixed Asset Tracking System Tailored to You

Wasp is the only asset tracking solution provider that offers all the necessary software, hardware and asset tags you need to implement a complete asset management system.

Complete Asset Tracking Software

Easy Implementation | Intuitive Interface | Robust Features | Minimal Learning Curve

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Perform Audits to Verify and Eliminate Inconsistencies

Tracking where fixed assets are, who is in possession of the assets, and when assets are due back. Checking out assets assigns responsibility to an employee, a customer or even a vendor. Checking in assets releases end-user responsibility and allows the assets to be reallocated.

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Create Reports for Accountability and Insight

AssetCloud’s reporting suite includes 25 common, pre-built reports that help manage assets out-of-the-box and collect data-driven feedback. Users also have the ability to design custom reports designed specifically to their business and tracking needs.

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Trigger Notifications for Critical Intelligence

Receiving instant feedback on asset-related events within your organization allows everyone to be better informed. AssetCloud’s notification engine allows you to set custom triggers to save time and empower people with information.

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Manage Maintenance and Work Orders

Quick maintenance allows end-users to assign maintenance tasks to individual assets, which could be anything from heavy machinery to fleet vehicles to fire extinguishers. Work orders can be created that are assigned to one or multiple people, can contain one or multiple assets and require the completion of one or multiple tasks.

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