Statement from CEO
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on Wasp Barcode Technologies Operations

Dear Customers & Partners,

We would like to give you an updated and clear picture of the current situation at Wasp Barcode Technologies (“Wasp”) during this period where everyday news and media insist on the impact of the COVID-19 on several companies.

This global emergency has had a limited impact on our activities. At present time, there has been no closure or suspension of the production of our devices and software, ensuring our customers continuity in the deliveries of products and supplies.

Wasp is keeping in close contact with all of our vendors to minimize the impact of the virus on our supply chain. While we have identified a few components in some of our products that have been affected, at this time we have adequate stock and do not expect any impact.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide you with any updates that could affect our operations.

We are also working through various contingency plans related to potential business-impacting situations related to the pandemic, but it is our goal to continue to provide you uninterrupted service regardless of scenario. However, we do recognize certain situations may cause that goal to be unattainable, in which case we will notify you immediately of expected impact to our business and yours.

To anyone impacted by COVID-19, we wish you a quick recovery and extend our gratitude to all healthcare professionals and volunteers assisting those in need.


Lynn Lee
Wasp Barcode Technologies


One of our representatives will contact you to address questions and concerns.