Bankrupt: 3 Takeaways From the Demise of Oreck

Oreck failed to grow with changing consumer trends which allowed competitors to earn a large share of the market.  The Oreck family lost more than their family business in the summer of 2013 when th

3 Important Efficiencies in the Workplace

Sometimes 24 hours just isn’t enough time to accomplish everything we set out to do in the day. Subtract the 16 hours set aside for sleeping, eating, resting, etc. and you’re left with the standard

Keeping Up With The Competitors: With Small Business, It’s Personal

As a small business owner, it’s all too easy to look at your larger counterparts and wonder how you can possibly compete. Whatever industry you are in, don’t be discouraged by the deep pockets of th

What To Look For In Asset Management Software

If it’s valuable to your business, you better know where it is and how it’s doing. Asset management software is designed to help organizations efficiently track and maintain the resources and prope

6 Reasons Excel Doesn’t Work For Stockroom Management

Managing your stockroom efficiently is crucial to the long term success of your company, and companies in the UK can use all the help they can get. By one estimate, as many as 50% of UK businesses f

Look For These 7 User-Friendly Features In Asset Management Software

Asset management practices and tools have evolved as technology has evolved. Years ago, people had only Excel or some other spreadsheet to track their assets, but the information was always outdated

Does Your Customer Service Have The “Wow” Factor?

“You just can’t get good service anymore.” Those are words you don’t want to hear your customers grumbling under their breath after doing business with your company. Poorly trained employees, lack

How Human Error Effects Manual Inventory Management

People make mistakes. It happens because we are all human. However, when inventory management errors continuously occur across your operations, they will cost you significantly in the long run. In so

How to Wow Your Customers

How to “Wow” Your Customers “The distinctive appeal that an object or behavior has on others.” “A set of properties belonging to an object that pleasantly surprises a watcher.” “A striking or impress

6 Inventory Management Best Practices

As a small business owner, you naturally have a lot of capital invested in inventory. While your products are the primary source of sales and revenue, they can also tie up a lot of cash if your busin

5 Reasons Biometric Time Clocks are Worth the Investment

Once the stuff of science fiction, biometric time clocks are now becoming standard for growing businesses that require a more comprehensive time and attendance system. Biometric technology utilizes

Asset Management On The Move

Asset Management On The Move One city filled with over one million residents makes Dallas, TX the 9th largest city in the United States. The City of Dallas’ Department of Intergovernmental Services i

The Impact of Analytics on Your Business

“The ability to predict future business trends with reasonable accuracy will be one of the crucial competitive advantages of this new decade,” SAS CEO Jim Goodnight recently blogged. “And you won't b

5 Ways to Attract Repeat Customers

How to Keep Customers Coming Back! You might call them, clients, or patients, or even students, whatever the name, no matter what you do, you can’t do it without customers. These are the people who

How To Prepare Your Small Business For Tax Season

April is fast approaching, which means that it’s tax season for individuals and businesses alike. If you’re a new small business owner, this may be your first year preparing and filing taxes on beha

How Kanye West Can Run a More Profitable Fashion Empire

Only someone as outspoken and perhaps egocentric as Kanye West could manage to overshadow himself just hours before dropping a long-awaited album. Mr. West did just that by taking to Twitter, in the

Why Are We Using 30 Year Old Technology Today?

Excel was never designed to track  inventory or other assets; today’s growing businesses are ditching the 30-year-old spreadsheet in favor of real-time asset management systems. Spreadsheets haven’

How Printing Promotes Business Growth

How Professional Printing Promotes Business Growth Printing plays an important role in promoting a business. Don’t believe it? Printing is responsible for flyers, banners, business cards, tags, envel

What Time Clock System is Best for Your Business?

Technology has vastly altered the business landscape over the last few years, changing the way we communicate and collaborate with co-workers, employers and peers alike. Yet the biggest changes are mo

The Keys to Effective Tool Crib Management

Tool Crib Organization Tactics To Help Your Business Succeed Being able to find your tools efficiently is crucial for your business to thrive. Using the right tool for the job is a wise adage. If yo

Over Looked Costs That Will Put Companies Out of Business

Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a great idea can start a small business, the trick is staying profitable and successful past the honeymoon stage. Only about half of all small businesses wi

Why Invest in Inventory Tracking Software

Why Inventory Tracking Software Is A Critical Investment Running a small business often means making tough decisions about how to spend and where to invest your limited capital. You simply can’t get

10 Facts You Should Know About the Small Business Report

In early 2015, the marketing department at Wasp Barcode Technologies was searching for small business numbers to use as a comparison with their own growth, goals and direction.  When we weren’t able

5 Ways Asset Management Technology Helps Business

Despite great strides in asset management technology over the last several years, many businesses continue to cling to their inadequate Excel spreadsheets, pens on paper, and other manual practices

What SMBs Need to Know About 2016's Business Challenges

U.S. small business owners are an optimistic group According to the 2016 State of Small Business Report, 71 percent of them expect to increase revenue in 2016, a 14 percent increase over 2015’s reven

How School Systems Can Stretch Their Budget

  Dealing with increasingly smaller budgets is becoming a habit for British school systems. The Institute for Fiscal Studies says schools in England will have less money to spend on a per pupil bas

Results are in for the 2016 State of Small Business Report

  We always want to know what small businesses believe and need. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of information out there. Many of our small business partners have told us it’s tough to fi

5 Important Factors of Efficiency in the Workforce

For as long as WatchGuard Video could remember, they were printing pre-designed label templates through an outside company. At one time, they were spending about $7,000 a year on custom labels from

Why Use An Automated Time Clock Software

Why small businesses should switch from a manual payroll system to using automated time clock software, using biometric or RFID technology. If you own a small business or work in payroll, you have

A Barcode's Ability to Save More than Just Your Business

  There was once a time, not too long ago, when grocery store clerks would manually enter information about each item that rolled across their desk. Now, checking out at any retail register is more

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