The Benefits of Custom Barcode Labels

Businesses everywhere are starting to recognize the value of the humble barcode. While consumers may not think much about the simple lines-and-spaces pattern affixed to their grocery purchases, thos

If You’re In These Markets, Don’t Ignore Inventory Management

Whether you are a start-up or an established small business, growing your company is a challenge. In fact, close to half of small business owners, polled in the 2017 State of Small Business Report,

Top 10 Blogs of 2017

Many professionals take the time to revisit the successes and failures from the previous year each January. This practice helps to make new goals and develop new strategies for the future. We at W

Red Saturday: Valentine’s answer to Black Friday

Black Friday alone once signaled the start of the Christmas shopping season. Once online shopping became commonplace, we saw the inclusion of Cyber Monday. Days of deals galore dedicated to the hunt

Why Companies Should Invest In Their Human Work Force

Automation is a loaded word in the American business world nowadays. Robots, drones, software, and artificial intelligence have moved off the pages of science-fiction into our warehouses, manufactur

How New Data Protection Will Affect Small Businesses

Data protection measures in the EU will soon receive an upgrade more than five years in the making. As of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect, two years after

How Do They Print Super Bowl Champion Shirts So Quickly

When it comes to Super Bowl merchandise, the most common question people ask is, “What happens to all those pre-made shirts with the losing team on them?” The answer is, it depends—but you might see

Supply Chain and Logistic Trends: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

The universal constant remains in effect. Change is coming to the world of supply chains and logistics. What sorts of new approaches and evolved methods will you come across and how can you best inc

The Wage Theft Epidemic

In a perfect world, nobody would steal from anybody, and we’d all get exactly what we deserve all the time. Unfortunately, we instead live in a world where companies steal approximately $15 billion

Escape the Office: Remote Work For the SBE

You can admit the truth: It gets tiresome, doesn’t it? The same four walls day in, day out, of the office. And the commute? Tied up in traffic or queued for the underground: It cuts into your day, yo

Play time’s over, Geoffrey: The downfall of Toys ‘R’ Us

Geoffrey the Giraffe learned a hard lesson: Toys ‘R’ Us, the nation’s largest toy store chain, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sept. 18. The retailer owes in the neighborhood of$5 bill

Curbside Service: How Small Businesses Can Join the Delivery Scene

One appealing feature of ordering a pizza is that you can almost always find somewhere that delivers to you. Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, even local, one-shop pizzerias will hire drivers to carry your di

Time To Computerize: Asset Management Through Technology

Half a century ago, Star Trek made us believe one day we could explore and discover with the full benefit of our databases at our fingertips. Press a button and you could update your files. Flip a s

Why Your Business Is Like An NFL Football Team

If you’re a business owner in 2017, your company may be more like an NFL (or college, if that’s more your speed) football team than you might realize. Many organizations are undergoing technologic

Back to Basics: How To Clear Out Your Excess Holiday Merchandise

The season is almost to an end. It's almost time to take down the tree, tuck away the ornaments, and ready yourself for the leftovers: Holiday goods that failed to sell and returned the holiday merc

Inventory Management Concerns In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, from clinics to labs and family practices to hospitals, use a vast amount of specialized equipment, materials, and medications to serve patients. In order to store and organ

Why 2017's Holiday Season Could Be the Biggest Yet For Small Business

We’re once again heading into the holidays in 2017, and despite a raft of natural disasters that might have otherwise dampened our collective holiday spending spirit, the country is gearing up to sp

So This Is Christmas: How Small Businesses Can Survive the Holiday Season

For anyone who runs small businesses in the UK, chances are your holiday plans remained steady ever since you opened your doors: You work the Christmas holiday. Most likely, you work New Year's as w

How To Enjoy the Holidays Even If You're A Small Business Owner

Small business owners know that there’s really no such thing as a vacation. Especially in the first months and even years of the life of the business, it can feel like every day is make-or-break, an

How Inventory Management Makes the Holidays Merry

The retail industry is already well into the holiday spirit. Take a stroll into any specialty shop or local department store and you will notice at least one aisle decked out with reds, greens, and

How NFL Teams Could Benefit From Asset Management

Another NFL season is kicking into gear, and as always, we the fans are worried about just one thing: How our teams are doing. Will we win this Sunday? Make the playoffs? Claim the Super Bowl trophy

How To Stuff A Stocking: Inventory Tips For The Pending Holidays

It’s that time of year again: The holidays are upon us and business shall soon boom! Are you ready? No, really: Are you? How did your small business prepare for the upcoming Christmas holidays? P

Why Sports Stadiums Are Upping Their Inventory Management Game

We are in the full throes of baseball season, which means millions of fans across the country are headed to MLB ballparks to hear the crack of the bat and watch for home run balls headed their way.

How To Use Your Fixed Assets To Get A Small Business Loan For The Holidays

Businesses everywhere are gearing up for the most important time of the year: the holiday season, which begins earlier and earlier as eCommerce retailers and brick-and-mortar small businesses compet

Autumn Cleaning: Why Wait Until Spring To Make Things Tidy?

We all make jokes about spring cleaning: We throw open the shutters to air out the musty air of winter and breathe in renewal. Funny how that carries over to our businesses as well. Out with the old

Holiday Magic: How Inventory Management Can Ease the Holiday Season

Santa may make his list and check it twice to figure out who’s naughty or nice, but his production chief is the one who ensures rewards (or coal) are plentiful for the Christmas Eve flight. Do you k

How Hospitals Are Boosting Patient Care With Barcodes

The next time you go to hospital, pay special attention to the band affixed to your wrist in triage. Notice the printed barcode? Once the nurse clasps it to you, watch as she places stickers to your

Happy Birthday to the Barcode!

There may never be a more understated yet wildly influential and foundational piece of technology than the barcode, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. As the barcode officially bec

Inventory Management Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

As an artisan, you want to focus on perfecting your art and envisioning new ideas. But as a small business owner, you may feel the everyday tasks of running a business get in the way.  And as your b

How Asset Management Can Benefit Your School This Year

October is here and with it hallways echoing with the sounds of students, lectures, and the day-to-day of school life. Class bells will ring for each period, instructors will prime the budding minds

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