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10 Tips For Welcoming Newly Recruited Employees

10 Tips For Welcoming Newly Recruited Employees In larger companies, it is generally the responsibility of human resources to welcome your most recent hire. But what if your business does not have a full-scale or in-house HR department? The task of making the new employee feel welcome in your business often falls on you, the business owner, or another manager. Today, we’ll be looking at a few tips to help make your business more inviting for new recruits. 1. Say Hello to New Employees Welcome the new employee immediately upon arrival. Do not leave them hanging out in your lobby or waiting area. Make the most of your first impression, as it will often set the tone of his or her relationship with your company. 2. Have a Prepared Workstation Nothing says welcome aboard more than having a completely functional workstation. Be sure to have a working computer, phone, or any other work-related tool for when your new employee arrives. In addition to having a desk that is working properly, it’s a good gesture to ask about operating system preferences (Mac vs. PC), if that is an option. 3. Set Up Accounts Along with having a properly working desk, have your IT department set up any email accounts, resource accounts, and passwords. 4. Team Introductions Meeting everyone on the first day can be overwhelming. And learning everyone’s names will take time, but it’s best to make the new employee feel welcome in your business by introducing him or her to everyone on the team. It’s also a good idea to send a company email to everyone announcing the arrival of the new coworker.

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5. Become a Tour Guide While you may know where the printer paper is located, your new employee does not. Welcome them by giving a quick tour of your office, and share any inside tidbits that help productivity is always a nice gesture. Finally, allow time for any questions that may come up as you mosey around the office. 6. Satisfy Their Appetite A good gesture is to take the new employee out to lunch on his or her first day. This shows you care about them, as well as gives you some more time to pick their brain. Before choosing your favorite restaurant, be sure to check with the new employee regarding food allergies and culinary preferences. 7.  Have Paperwork Ready Does your business have an employee handbook or work policy guidelines? Have these materials on hand for when your new employee starts. It’s also a good idea to have any other paper work such as, employee benefits and payroll information. 8. Show Your True Colors Let your company’s culture shine through. If there is a casual dress code, inform the new hire before letting them show up in a suit and tie on the first day. 9. Assign Them With Work While it’s important not to throw the new employee into the fire on the first day, you’ll also want them to feel their presence is appreciated. Find a few tasks to keep them busy, but will not require you to do too much managing. 10. Do an End-of-Day Follow Up At the end of the day, stop by your new employee’s desk and check in. Find out how the day went, answer any questions, and be sure to thank them and express your pleasure with having them on the team. With these tips, you’ll make any new hire feel like a part of your company and help them adjust to the transition. Go the extra mile and their gratefulness will go a long way in benefiting your business and its productivity. We’ve all had a “first day” at work. How did it go for you? Share your stories with us in the comments below!