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May 2013 SMB News Recap

May headlines from around the web, brought to you by the Wasp Buzz.

Social media: Oklahoma’s virtual lost and found USA Today Social media is transforming how we engage after a disaster. After the twister tragedy in Oklahoma, residents used social media platforms to share lost and found belongings, pets, and family members. Extraordinary stories are emerging as silver linings appear after this horrible tragedy. Preparing Your Income Statement Buzz Income statements measure a company’s capacity to generate profit. For a small business, where the slightest decline in profit can have devastating effects, income statements are imperative. Wasp walks through the importance of an income statement to keep a small business out of the red.

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5 Tips for Getting Big Results From Small Marketing Budgets Huffington Post Small businesses are faced with the challenge of competing with large organizations, but with a much smaller marketing budget. However, the Internet, smart devices and the shift in how our culture absorbs content has leveled the playing field. Now, the biggest differentiator is not money, but time, commitment and branding. How a Small Business Can Use Big Data Small Business Trends With the increased amount of Internet usage and social media networking recently, there is a huge cloud of data generated on a regular basis. Big data is big news especially for big businesses. However, small businesses can now tap into the power of big data to improve customer experience and boost their bottom lines.