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9 online FREE-sources Your Business Can Bank On

Doing business in the cloud: IT Outsourcing on steroids? Cloud and web-based functions are still considered risky to some businesses, but perhaps not as risky as you think. You might already be using “the cloud” without knowing it.
  • Working remotely? Try Skype for business meetings in the cloud!
  • Need to share large files with someone in another city or state? Use Dropbox for cloud file sharing!
  • Email marketing service for free? Mailchimp can virtually manage that.
The tools below are not only free; they are powerful tools your business can use. Accounting Wave Accounting is a free alternative to Quickbooks that allows small business owners and freelancers to create and send invoices, track expenses, generate reports and eliminate accounting headaches. Surf's up. Scheduling Use Appointy to schedule appointments, send reminders, update calendars, offer discount coupons, and more. Can’t get everyone’s availability on the same page? Try Doodle to eliminate chaotic collaboration. Intelligence Hootsuite is an all-in-one platform for staying in-tune with your social network. With all of the social activity these days, you should be monitoring. Start with Hootsuite for free. Computer Security Avast considers itself among the likes of paid security sites, and has largely positive user reviews. Outreach Mailchimp. Another great way to manage customers, this tool helps you design and manage email lists to send out newsletters, promos and more. Organization & Sharing Evernote is especially helpful for keeping notes, making lists and drafting blog posts. Think of it as a virtual note pad – everything is one place and can be accessed anywhere. With the slogan, “simplify your life” it’s no wonder people everywhere use this free file storage platform. Dropbox is great for storing and syncing documents on various devices across multiple computers. Do you speak with clients from all over the country, or the world? Use Skype to facilitate quicker, easier conversation with its web-based video or chat functions. --- What are your favorite freesources for business? Looking for more? Wasp’s Small Business Information Center might point you in the right direction. Looking for more info on cloud computing? Forbes points out one question not enough people are asking.