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The Anniversary of the Barcode

59 years ago today, two gentlemen by the names of Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver set out to help automate the checkout process. What they came up with would soon change how product information was stored and retrieved. In 1952, Woodland and Silver created world’s first barcode. Their “bulls-eye” design was contrived of concentric circles and was not much different from the common barcode today. To learn more about barcodes and the barcoding process, check out our what is a barcode video. In honor of both Woodland and Silver’s achievements in barcoding technology, we thought it would be appropriate to recognize this historic day. So how can you celebrate the birthday of the barcode in your office? Of course, you could turn your logo into a barcode (Google, we’re looking at you), but where’s the fun in that? The team here at Wasp Barcode Technologies has provided a short list of some of our favorite ways to honor the barcode. We’re hoping it’ll spark some creativity for you and your employees. Dress Like a Barcode The easy option is to have you and your employees wear black and white to resemble a barcode. However, we’d like to take it one step further by recommending everyone wear referee uniforms! And no, wearing referee outfits won't help you track your employees… Barcode Scanning Relay Race Who doesn’t enjoy a little competition in the office? Split the office into two teams and challenge each team to scan as many barcodes as possible within the allotted time period. The team with the most scans wins. Have a Zebra Petting Zoo Zebras look like barcodes. Need we say more? Hand out Barcode Party Favors to Employees Celebrate not only the anniversary of the barcode, but your employees’ hard work by giving barcode party favors. Here are few ideas.
  •             Temporary barcode tattoos
  •             Barcode coffee mugs
  •             Barcode USB drives
Bring in a Barcode Decorated Cake If you’re looking for a more subtle way to enjoy the occasion, a barcode themed cake is a great solution. Last week, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our parent company. What better way to commemorate the anniversary of the barcode than with a barcode cake? Make Your Own Barcodes Looking for an inexpensive, low-key way to participate? Why not create your own barcode for free with our barcode generator? But don’t stop there. In addition to creating basic 1D barcodes, you can also use our QR Code generator to add QR codes to your business cards or next marketing campaign.

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Barcoding technology has helped make our lives much easier over the last 59 years, so take a moment to celebrate the occasion. Let us know what you're doing to commemorate the anniversary of the barcode this year in the comments below!