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Automated Time and Attendance: Keep Track of Staff Time this Holiday Season

automated-time-attendance-banner With the sole intention of adopting more flexible working methods to manage employees, businesses are moving away from the traditional manual timekeeping processes and are using more modern automated time and attendance systems to track staff working hours and schedules. Besides the important aspect of processing payroll and cutting down on non-productive employee costs, one of the major benefits of using an automated time and attendance system is the ability to predict and organise available resources to tackle all staffing situations. iStock_000016993834Unavoidable situations often crop up during the holidays when many employees travel to visit family or want to take time off to prepare for the season. Modern-day management practice demands businesses are prepared to keep track of staff attendance in real time and for some larger or growing businesses, this can become a real arduous task at this time of year. Here are some innovative ways businesses are executing time and attendance systems to track all staff attendance accurately.
  • Time and attendance systems allow employees to keep track of their own schedules, place leave requests, and make any amendments online. The system ensures employees are accountable for their own leave requests.
  • Paid time off through an automated tool is now a reality. Businesses that use a time and attendance system are shifting to an open-door policy; creating confidence among employees who readily participate in productivity improvement drives.
  • Businesses that use an automated time and attendance system find they can organise resources better, from planning staff for a particular project to utilising staff and skills available during heavy absenteeism.
  • Retail and small businesses are always looking to expand operations by adding employees, especially temps during the busy periods, such as the holiday season. Planning staff schedules and managing the payroll system during these busy times is possible and much more efficient with a versatile time and attendance system.
  • Accurate time and attendance software removes any manual time entries and calculations—saving  hours in staff time. It takes away the need for any large paper trail and processing the monthly payroll is no longer a drawn out, arduous task.
  • Real-time information can actually make a system. Businesses need flexibility to approve any last minute leave during the hectic winter holidays. Automation literally makes the task a simple “yes” or “no” keeping employee morale high at all times.
  • In the past, effective time and attendance software was only available to large companies. However, through technological advancement, time and attendance systems are now available to all businesses. Many of these systems are off-the-shelf products that are simple-to-use and easy-to-implement within an established system.
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