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Barcode Asset Management – the New Generation for Education

It’s that time of year again when schools and universities all around the Country open their doors to welcome new and existing students to the start of another academic year. The start of a new term is always full of promise, with new standards being set and revised processes put in place, to ensure a seamless year for students and staff. As technological advancements continue and the need of increased equipment is required to provide an unrivalled teaching experience, what are schools and universities doing to ensure all assets are accounted for? Educational establishments are large, complex environments, serving thousands of students with large teams of staff that include, teachers, administrators, support staff and volunteers. Equipment, furniture and fittings, vehicles, IT hardware and software are all required to enable them to deliver their services. However, keeping track of the volume of physical assets is an extremely arduous task, taking up a lot of staff time, which interferes with their primary job role. As a result, each year misplaced or lost items are an enormous expense to the government. Laptop asset managementBy using barcode asset tracking management software, such as Wasp MobileAsset, you are saving everyone’s time, allowing them to be more productive by focusing on the job they are employed to do. Staff no longer have the challenging task of knowing where every piece of equipment is at any one time and students are aware of the processes in place when renting out equipment for their studies, reducing the risk of theft. No longer will you query whether a particular piece of equipment has been checked back, as barcode asset tracking allows you to instantly locate it. Whatever assets you are tracking, keeping check of the whereabouts of all your valuable assets can make or break a business. For schools and universities, unnecessary expenses to replace lost assets can also determine what future costs and resources are allocated by the government to purchase new equipment. With the financial pressures in schools and universities throughout the country, new systems are required to streamline processes to increase overall efficiency and productivity.  A barcode asset tracking system is one proven system that will certainly save money, time and resources in the long term. Find out more! - Asset management solutions from Wasp are designed to meet the asset tracking needs of government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and small to medium businesses. To find out more please visit our main website www.waspbarcode.co.uk or contact Wasp today on 0845 430 1971.