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Barcode Printer: The Complete Printer Buying Guide (Infographic)

With barcodes used predominantly on everything around us today, from the products in your household to the tickets to an event you may be attending this weekend, barcodes have become a part of everyday life. Before a barcode is used to track inventory across the globe, it must first be printed. It is essential for manufacturers to have the correct type of barcode printer to keep the supply chain running smoothly. Barcode printers may be often overlooked when it comes to having the essentials for your manufacturing operation. Barcode printers produce labels by using either direct thermal or thermal transfer technology to print on the labels. To print barcodes onto plain-paper documents or cartons, inkjet and laser print technologies may also be used. Types of barcode printers range from desktop use to wireless industrial barcode printers for large warehouse operations. To understand what type of barcode printer would best complete your barcode printing system, let’s explore the components of barcode printing. [su_divider top="no" size="2"]

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Why a Barcode Printer

A barcode printer is one of the basic elements of a barcode system that also includes a barcode scanner or mobile computer, barcode software, and barcode labels. Barcode printers print barcodes to be used on commonly labeled items, such as products, assets, inventory, supplies, pallets and perishables. In addition to printing labels and tags, some barcode printers can even create plastic ID cards, wristbands, tickets and RFID tags.


Desktop Barcode Printers

Is your space and budget limited when it comes to your barcode printing needs? If so, a desktop barcode printer may be your best option. These printers work best with paper labels and tags, when printing low volumes, and can even print on synthetic materials, in limited quantities.


Industrial Barcode Printers

Ideal for high volume warehouse application, industrial barcode printers can operate in thermal transfer or direct thermal printing mode. They are designed with an all-metal frame and operate non-stop to improve efficiency in your supply chain. [su_divider top="no" size="2"]

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