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The Barcode Revolution

Life without the barcode may seem chaotic and unimaginable, but it wasn’t that long ago when the first barcode scanner was introduced and a packet of Wrigley’s chewing gum in Ohio was scanned in 1974. Barcode Systems at WaspBarcodes can be found on numerous items, such as product packaging, tickets, marketing incentives or coupons, equipment, and for identification purposes. Today, barcodes are used everywhere and without a second thought to the consumer, allowing products to be purchased quickly without the laborious task of looking up product prices and punching in numbers. Many businesses rely heavily on the evolving barcode scanner software that enables them to track and monitor vital aspects of their business including stock, assets, inventory control, point of sale transactions and even staff. The sophisticated barcode scanner not only promotes accuracy, it increases productivity and profitability. Keeping track of day to day activities manually is time consuming and with manual record keeping there is always a risk of error. With a barcode scanner system staff can save time and do more, as they no longer need to spend hour’s manually imputing data, which also reduces the risk and cost of any error. Wasp Barcode Technologies Ltd has a number of barcode scanning solutions for small businesses that promote efficiency and productivity within a business. Wasp has a number of barcode scanning solutions to improve the performance of your business that includes: MobileAsset - A solution that easily tracks your businesses valuable assets to reduce any mix-ups or theft. WaspTime - A solution that monitors time and attendance of staff to enable flexible working, designed to improve efficiency and reduce errors in employee time tracking, InventoryControl - A complete inventory tracking solution to track stock. EPOS software and solutions – A number of solutions are available that are designed to help independent retailers operate more efficiently while providing customers with the service they demand. Every solution at Wasp Barcode Technologies offers a wide selection of barcode scanners that are easy to set up and use. Wasp’s barcode scanners range from laser barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanner, CCD barcode scanners, and 2D barcode scanners to point of sale barcode scanners. If your business does not currently use a barcode scanning solution then join the barcode revolution, allowing your staff to spend time more productively, increasing profitability and giving your business the performance it demands.