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Building Employee Trust in the Field

Building Employee Trust in the Field Simplifying Your Mobile Work Force Management For small businesses, it can be tough to keep up with all of your employees. It gets even tougher when your employees are on the go. If your business offers delivery or in-home services, you know how tough it can be to manage a mobile work force. Below are three ways to simplify your mobile work force management. Know how you’ll measure success Measuring the success of employees in the field can be difficult. Fleet management software helps simplify it. There are lots of options when it comes to this kind of software, and the which ones you’ll choose depends on your business needs. Many of these services utilize GPS to allow managers to see when and where drivers are going and which route they took to get there, along with start, stop and idle times. This will help you more easily measure success, since you’ll actually be able to see what mobile employees are doing. Stress communication When employees aren’t in the same office as you, communication becomes key. Set employee expectations for communication; be it via phone, email or through special reports. If you can, provide your employees with the devices they need (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) for this communication. Make sure there are clear guidelines for the use of those devices. Clearly and consistently communicate with your employees, too. Be prompt with any updates or announcements, and schedule regular in-person meetings and gatherings. Make it easy to gather and share information Whether your mobile employees are making deliveries of your products, selling items door-to-door or making house calls for a service you provide, make it easy for them to gather the information you need. A mobile computer with flexible data entry methods will ensure that information is collected quickly and painlessly. A device like the WPA1000II Mobile Computer is easy to use, which increases productivity and accuracy.   Do you manage a mobile workforce? What tips do you have to share with fellow managers?