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Busting Small Business Myths

Busting Small Business Myths - Wasp Buzz - Small Business Magazine Myths. They’re everywhere. In business, myths can hinder your success—by either deterring you, or causing you to think things will be easier than they truly are. There are a lot of obstacles you’ll face as a small business owner, so don’t let these myths get in your way: Myth: As your own boss, you’ll have more free time Truth: If you’re starting your own small business, be prepared to live and breathe it. Just because you’re your own boss doesn’t mean you can make your own (lesser) hours. Myth: Competitors are unfriendly Truth: Sure, they’re competitors, but they can also be a very valuable resource. Creating relationships with competitors is the first step to a partnership. Even if you don’t ever partner together, you can get advice and better your business. Myth: The more money I have, the more successful my business will be Truth: Usually you need to spend money to make money; however, too much money can also be a problem. As a business owner, throwing money at a problem is wasteful and inefficient—hard work and problem-solving is what will really make you successful. Myth: All press is good press. Truth: Yes, publicity is good. However, as a small business, just a few negative reviews can cause customers to jump ship. If you do become victim to negative press, use that to help you—take note of what’s being said and then fix it. Myth: You can succeed overnight Truth: It just doesn’t happen like that. Robert Kennedy said it best, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Remember, it’s okay to take small strides towards your goal. With these myths busted, we hope you can go out and blaze a trail for your small business. What other small business myths really grind your gears? Share yours by leaving a comment below.