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Creativity Incubators: 3 Ways to Develop Creativity in the Workplace

It doesn’t matter if you are a small marketing agency or an accounting firm; every work environment thrives on creative individuals. Sometimes getting those individuals to release their creative energy is easier said than done. Employees are often too focused on the task at hand, making those “ah-ha” moments few and far between. And when they do fall upon us, it’s often too late to make the appropriate action. As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to harness this creative energy on a daily basis. Below, we’ve listed three simple ways to encourage creativity within your small business. 1. Participate in Social Networks One of the best ways your employees can release their creative energy on a more regular basis is by participating within social networks. As an individual increases their social circle, they are more likely to be surrounded with diverse conversation, ultimately sparking new ideas from within. It’s important not to focus too heavily on social networks as it may have an inverse effect on the brain. Moderation is key. 2. Evaluate Your Office Décor Sometimes all it takes is placing an individual in the right atmosphere. Unique office design is a major component to sparking creative ideas. However, you’ll want to make sure your office design is still on par with your overall brand image. Here are a few examples of creative workplaces. Who knows, they may spark a few ideas for your small business! 3. Create a Suggestion Box This is a brilliant idea. Employees can be timid when it comes to voicing opinions. Why not make an anonymous suggestion box for employees to bring forth thought-provoking ideas? It’s important to remember that everyone has the capability of generating creative ideas, but it is up to you to develop and harness that creative energy. Have you seen success with any additional tactics? Let us know by dropping a message below!